Guys we have a problem. She’s back. Its been an excruciatingly long wait, sad it was. Now our girl is back, here is the problem. She says she’s CHANGED.

She said her incarceration was ”a very traumatic experience” that inspired a ”journey” of self-discovery that she intends to continue. The world will see a new Paris Hilton, she said

She bought a Bible from the jail commissary and read it daily, she said. Asked to name her favorite passage, she smiled and looked away.

And lo! this is what she plans to do now,

Among those plans? Using her fame to bring attention to social causes rather than the newest Hollywood nightspot.

You cynics out there, when the local bad girl turns religious, it takes a while before people trust her. Poor Unni Mary. But I have mailed Paris Hilton’s folks about the grim flood situation in South-west India. Hope she comes. I’m off to get some flood costumes.

Trivia : Name the world’s No.2 jobless fucker?

Answer : Me. No.1 is Larry King.

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  1. alakananda June 28, 2007 at 5:33 pm

    athe. pani onnum illayennu manassilayi. why oh why else would u write about that jobless, worthless, brainless, clueless hotel heiress.

    ”a very traumatic experience” that inspired a ”journey” of self-discovery”… pinne ! so what next? will she be on the fast track to sainthood too?

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