February 2009

Oscars 2009: Milk – Review

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Dan White: Society can’t exist without the family. Harvey Milk: We’re not against that. Dan White: Can two men reproduce? Harvey Milk: No, but God knows we keep trying. Cannes [...]

December 2008

IFFK 2008 – Hiroshima My Love

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New Theater, Second show, unknown movie, Houseful – with regular appalause.When was the last time you saw New Theatre houseful? IFFK 13th edition rocks! so does Trivandrum. Charlie and the [...]

IFFK 2008 – List of Films

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IFFK opens tomorrow 🙂 Here’s my first list of Ten must watch (must be good\should be ok\ chillax its free man!) movies from the special sections (pretty much based on imdb and [...]

November 2008

IFFK 2008

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      The film Gods will descend on the city in T minus 2 weeks. Our festival’s 13th edition opens in Trivandrum on December 12th for full 8 days. [...]

October 2008

September 2008

Thalappavu – Review; Go Watch it!

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Thiruvonam Greetings! Hope you had a great one!   Onam comes every year, but “Thalappavu” comes once a decade. There couldn’t be a better Onam gift for Malayalis and Malayalam [...]

August 2008

Joker and the Dark Knight

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The Joker: You just couldn’t let me go could you? This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. You truly are incorruptible aren’t you? You won’t [...]

July 2008

Madambi Vs Parunthu – Review!

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“Madambi” and “Parunthu” should go together, for the sheer hype and controversy around these movies, the two superstars playing moneylenders, almost the same cast, and the fact that both the [...]

Iruvar – Kanmaniye…

By | 2008-07-28T07:02:08-05:00 July 28th, 2008|Poetry, talkies, Trivia|

 Vairamuthu's gem from Mani Ratnam's Iruvar. Voice Over by Aravind Swamy. Unnoadu naan irundha ovvoru maNi thuLiyum maraNa padukkayilum maRakkaadhu kaNmaNiyae 90 nimidangaL thottaNaitha kaalamdhaan 800 aaNdugaLaai idhayathil ganakkudhadi paarvayile [...]

June 2008


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Since DASAVATHARAM review was posted here, I’ve been moderating comments every other hour (hyperbole!hyperbole!) which calls BVN an “Asshole”. Some way or the other google lands some KS Ravikumars here. I didn’t review the other [...]