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Are you sure…

….the best thing that ever happened to television is LOST. httpv:// Oh, look around you Look down the bar from you at the  faces that you see Are you sure that this is where you want to be These are your friends But are they real friends Do they love you as much as me […]

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Remembering Lennon

He was the man of peace but admitted to being violent in the past – to being a ”hitter” of women. When idealists are found to be flawed, as they always are, it is invariably used to discredit their ideal.

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Have a new kid by Friday

I have seen people do crazy stuff with Google suggest. I tried bingu’s suggest today, not many surprises. Fun 🙂 Google is god 🙂 Someone wanted proof I guess. Obama is not a US Citizen, but a lying stupid socialist commie Muslim. He is Antichrist too. (more…)

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Paanashery nambi.

This is a question thats been nagging the boys and yours truly for years. In a recent meetup in San Francisco, the standing (also sitting and sometimes lying down) committee on “Figuring out what the hell Mohanlal talks about in his movies” watched Mohanlal’s Raavanaprabhu.

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Apple’s Tablet!

Watching the live feed now…..event is on… “Last time there was this much excitement about a tablet, it had some commandments written on it” 🙂 says the WSJ 10.24 AM: Steve says “We want to kick of 2010 by introducing a magical and revolutionary product today”. And there you go.. 10:30AM “What is the battery […]

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Let’s go exploring :)

Happy New Year folks! Glad you are back. So where do we go this year? With too many friends and acquaintances flouting their new year resolutions, I was under too much peer pressure to come up with a couple of em. But I miserably procrastinated, and lo 2010 is 1 week old and I don’t have […]

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Pirate Latitudes and Superfreakonomics

I guess the most awaited books of the year. Pre-ordered both on Amazon. Michael Crichton was my first favourite author. If Great Train Robbery and Eaters of the dead are any indicators, Crichton does period dramas with elan. Pirate Latitudes was discovered as a complete manuscript in his files after his death in 2008. The […]

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Zoo ‘n d rain

Like the leapord, the rest of the city was blanketed inside the heavy showers – sleeping. And I for one found out that Leopards are solitary animals except during mating season. Then again if you sleep for sixteen hours a day, you’ll mostly end up solitary, ha lonely. Visiting Trivandrum Zoo after close to a […]

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Compiling RAM Drive

I remember the IIT geek who taught us C Programming in third Sem. He would go on and on about debugging in the time of punch cards and about how lucky we were. Little did that poor soul know about a Visual Studio in the making. Ramadorai and early days of TCS profiled in Economist; in […]

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Iruvar – Kanmaniye…

 Vairamuthu’s gem from Mani Ratnam’s Iruvar. Voice Over by Aravind Swamy. Unnoadu naan irundha ovvoru maNi thuLiyum maraNa padukkayilum maRakkaadhu kaNmaNiyae 90 nimidangaL thottaNaitha kaalamdhaan 800 aaNdugaLaai idhayathil ganakkudhadi paarvayile sila nimidam bayathoadu sila nimidam katti aNaithapadi kaNNeeril sila nimidam ilakkaName paaraamal ella idangaLilum muththangaL vidaiththa mogathiL sila nimidam Unnoadu naan irundha ovvoru maNi thuLiyum […]

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