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November 2006


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Its the flood. There is water everywhere,its the final deluge. Its just me in my cosy little room, floating, sinking and again floating like a ball in the water. There [...]

Of men, moon and walls…

By | 2006-11-20T05:31:00+00:00 November 20th, 2006|Hmm|

I was bored to hell playing rock,paper,scissors with my other hand when 'Cakes' blasted through the balcony door, all exhausted.Cakes : "Man I think I'm in love !"me : *confusion [...]

King of Ayodhya

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Time and place has lost its significance. I haven't slept for days now. I lose consciousness every now and then, rest of the time life is just a blur. My [...]

Comments are Free

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Peace and Love,Love and Peace,I have a dog in both these hunts !Posted by b v n at 12:27 AM 14 comments:sthullan said...Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee ! me first....i cant believe it...OMG!2:57 AM,November [...]

Love and peace in Chitrakoota

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The Chitrakoota mountain rises above the mists of the Mandakini river. It is summer and the forest is full with its fruits. The harmony of the woods and its beasts, [...]

And from here to….

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This is Ganga flowing at the end of the Kosala countryside, on the farther bank is the forest of Dandakaranya. Ganga, the all encompassing flow, the refiner of minds, the [...]

the Apocalyptic vision

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The Sarayu flows in the darkness, bereft of its constant companion in the sky. Laxmana and me, sat by the ghat listening to the river, deep in thought. Laxmana wants [...]

the next in line

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This is Ayodhya,the unassailable city,the nerve centre of the Kosala empire.These days I wonder why anyone would care to assail this land; why would anyone want a dead horse. I [...]

the chariots enter Ayodhya

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This is Janakapuri in the kingdom of Mithila. Janaka,the lionized king of our times presides upon his empire from here. The cool,dry,fertile city was bustling with Brahmins and soothsayers and [...]

Two women and a Eunuch

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This is the heartland. This is where the heart lies. Ganga gushes by as Jahnavi and Mandakini and Deva Ganga. She sure is disdainful at times despite that ancient churning [...]