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India has made us. We must make Bharat.

Along comes a speech, though not quite often which summarises certain things we couldn’t completely articulate but was in the back of our minds. Whether it changes anything is not something you should ask a speech. Here is the full text of Manmohan’s speech May 24th speech at Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) ‘s Annual session. […]

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Rs 50 for a horse

There has been an outbreak of glanders, a fatal bacterial disease, among the horses in Nainital. The government has ordered the diseased horses, 22 of them, be killed. NDTV story here The horses, worth anywhere between Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000, are the sole means of livelihood for many of their owners. But shockingly, the […]

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Metro – life in a

Bangalore baby ! She’s all the same. The city pesters you with the dust and heat through the day and at night the cool wind gods descend. The ‘cafe day’ and Barista on MG Road still cater to our “Brainstorming” needs – “namma Metro” is taking shape across the road. AC Volvos roam the streets, […]

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Puke central

CNN-IBN’s first headline….puke if you want We don’t want anyone from the list of contenders as President. They all are hardcore politicians and biased towards their party. As a matter of fact, we don’t want any politician as President. The coming election will be the last one for all the political parties. We need you […]

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Michael, Julia and few others

River’s once wrote she and her friend had a crush on Vikram Seth. So I caught the first bus to find out why and put it to use. But now I’m left wondering if I have a crush on him. “I dont want to see you again, Michael”,says Virginie, her voice veering between tears and […]

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Hyderabad and Hindu rule !

Speaking at a Lashkar rally in February 2000, its top ideologue Abdul Rehman Makki announced that the organisation had set in place a new campaign to “liberate Hyderabad from Hindu rule.” Hyderabad had been seized by force, he proclaimed, and would be won back through the sword. Such language is not new. In 1948, over […]

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Raah kaun si jaun main Chaurahe par luta cheer Pyade se pit gaya wazir Chalun aakhri chaal ya Bazi chod virakti rachaun main Which way should I go ? We are stripped at the crossroad A mere pawn has beaten the minister Should I make the final thrust or should I quit the game and […]

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One year with VS

There are two Keralas as per Mukundan – one that good old Parashuraman created by throwing his axe into the ocean and the other that EMS created without throwing an axe into the ocean. On an afterthought this seems to be true despite the fact that Mukundan is a novelist. One can perceive these two […]

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Doggy Ishtyle !

Dogs can retain smells in their nasal memory cavity for three dog years which is approximately one human year, after which the dog will stop recognizing the smell. Now if we are talking about bullshit, the previous line is so full of it. But it happens! Sometimes I get some crazy funda from somewhere and […]

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