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June 2007

Aunty’s dead people

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Pratibha Aunty can talk to souls. I mean, dead people's souls. If elected, she would be the first Indian president to do so. Nice, really nice. The UPA-Left Presidential nominee [...]


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Guys we have a problem. She's back. Its been an excruciatingly long wait, sad it was. Now our girl is back, here is the problem. She says she's CHANGED. She said her [...]

CPIM in Kerala – I

By | 2007-06-21T01:55:12+00:00 June 13th, 2007|Kerala, Politics|

Warning : Politics Ahead (jokes here, Other) Yet Another Warning : Amateurish thoughts, Severe lack of data too Would anybody be interested in asking what ails the CPIM in Kerala [...]

On Critical Attitude

By | 2007-06-12T07:54:33+00:00 June 12th, 2007|Poetry|

The critical attitude Strikes many people as unfruitful That is because they find the state Impervious to their criticism But what in this case is an unfruitful attitude Is merely [...]

On a weekend

By | 2007-06-10T08:36:32+00:00 June 10th, 2007|India, talkies|

Calvin: I've been thinking, Hobbes. Hobbes: On a weekend? Calvin: Well, it wasn't on purpose...... Have you kids heard the story of the most beautiful girl in the world marrying [...]

Do you believe in UFOs?

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My current favourites CNN-IBN has another lead story, there are UFO sightings all across the country - not quite - at least Bangalore and Delhi for now. The show is [...]