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February 2008

Oscars 2008

By | 2008-02-25T09:57:13+00:00 February 25th, 2008|talkies|

Year after year, filmdom looks forward to one source for Oscar predictions. 2008 is no exception nor was 2007 Best picture: “No Country for Old Men” Best supporting actor: Javier [...]

Oscars 2008: Atonement – REVIEW

By | 2008-02-24T06:57:21+00:00 February 24th, 2008|talkies|

Cecilia Tallis: [in a letter] My darling, Briony found my address somehow and sent a letter. The first surprise was she didn't go up to Cambridge. She's doing nurses' training [...]

Lady in the British library

By | 2008-02-24T14:03:54+00:00 February 24th, 2008|Trivandrum|

Swanky library next to YMCA , cackling College girls crowd the YMCA steps, like when chicks get hep, they join the men’s club Air conditioning, British prescript, books- stay in [...]

Can you imagine

By | 2008-02-22T09:44:57+00:00 February 22nd, 2008|Trivia|

Thank God it is Friday! I was so happy that I talked to a credit card marketing chick for full five minutes I was so happy that I celebrated a happy [...]

Chronicling victimhood

By | 2008-02-19T09:03:29+00:00 February 19th, 2008|Poetry|

Some learn, Early on, To prostitute their verse. So, in all the waking hours They scavenge for a simple simile That matches requirements, fulfills needs.  Like they say, poetry opens [...]

That is No Country for Old Men

By | 2008-02-19T05:04:54+00:00 February 19th, 2008|Poetry|

  That is no country for old men. The young In one another's arms, birds in the trees - Those dying generations - at their song, The salmon-falls, the mackerel-crowded [...]

The Shining

By | 2008-02-17T15:18:00+00:00 February 17th, 2008|Hmm|

Some places are like people: some shine and some don't. - Stanley Kubrick's The ShiningAnd the saddest part of the sentence is that full stop after the don't. I could [...]

Mammooty slaps fan, know why?

By | 2008-02-17T12:06:58+00:00 February 16th, 2008|talkies|

YOUTUBE Link - Mammooty slaps fan Fine. Agreed. Mammooty slapped his fan. But whats your point? It so happens that Mammooty is one of the finest actors in India and [...]

Lying to children is wrong

By | 2008-02-15T05:22:11+00:00 February 15th, 2008|Poetry|

Lies Lying to the young is wrong. Proving to them that lies are true is wrong. Telling them that God’s in his heaven and all’s well with the world is [...]

Chakkare :)

By | 2008-02-14T08:58:26+00:00 February 14th, 2008|Uncategorized|

Is this why they say, it takes two hands to make a heart :) Happy Valentines Day! P.S: C'mon don't be a cynic