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June 2008


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Since DASAVATHARAM review was posted here, I’ve been moderating comments every other hour (hyperbole!hyperbole!) which calls BVN an “Asshole”. Some way or the other google lands some KS Ravikumars here. I didn’t review the other [...]

Kamal’s DASAVATHARAM – Review

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Readers of the comic strip "Mayavi" in "Balarama" would remember the two nerd scientists - Lottulodukk and GulGulMal. They come up with these quirky gadgets for the evil likes of [...]

Nobody knows but me

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There are two kinds of people, there’s those who like Johnny Cash, and those that will.   10 years ago on a cold dark night Someone was killed neath the [...]

“White” House

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A token pin on sale at the Texas Republican Convention venue :) and like one comment pointed out,shouldn't it be "When Obama is President..." An irony given the fact that the [...]