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December 2008


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Who will win if India and Pakistan goes to war? Detailed analysis here It seems in case of a conventional war India has an advantage, and would probably make some [...]

IFFK 2008 – Hiroshima My Love

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New Theater, Second show, unknown movie, Houseful – with regular appalause.When was the last time you saw New Theatre houseful? IFFK 13th edition rocks! so does Trivandrum. Charlie and the [...]

IFFK 2008 – List of Films

By | 2008-12-11T04:51:27+00:00 December 11th, 2008|talkies, Trivandrum|

IFFK opens tomorrow 🙂 Here’s my first list of Ten must watch (must be good\should be ok\ chillax its free man!) movies from the special sections (pretty much based on imdb and [...]