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Who will win if India and Pakistan goes to war? Detailed analysis here It seems in case of a conventional war India has an advantage, and would probably make some territorial gains across the plains and later hold that up for the negotiated ceasefire. But the effectiveness of Pakistani forces in the plains would mean […]

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IFFK 2008 – Hiroshima My Love

New Theater, Second show, unknown movie, Houseful – with regular appalause.When was the last time you saw New Theatre houseful? IFFK 13th edition rocks! so does Trivandrum. Charlie and the chocolate factory The sad part about IFFK is that there are around 180 good movies landing in the city and however you plan, you can […]

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IFFK 2008 – List of Films

IFFK opens tomorrow 🙂 Here’s my first list of Ten must watch (must be good\should be ok\ chillax its free man!) movies from the special sections (pretty much based on imdb and Wiki, no guarentee whatsoever) French New Wave Cœurs (Private Fears in Public Places) Night and Fog Last Year at Marienbad Hiroshima My Love Turkish-German Short […]

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