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March 2009

Mohanlal’s Sagar Alias Jacky: Review

By | 2009-03-29T23:51:10+00:00 March 29th, 2009|talkies|

The movie spits on your intelligence while setting the record for the most number of villains killed by a single hero. Mohanlal kills around 14,565 villains with two guns. The villains also have guns, but as the Southern Travancore swear word goes - they are born to blow jobs, so they don't shoot with aim. The script is somewhat as believable as this shooting spree.

Can Shashi Tharoor lose in Trivandrum?

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In that way Shashi Tharoor will be an effective contributor given his grasp of issues and exceptional diplomatic style. But I would also like to know his stands on Disinvestment, private sector reservation (Congress poll plank), Narendra Modi, India's relationship with Iran, his stand on Palestine, his stand on Special Economic Zones, and most importantly I want to know if he will go on an indefinite hunger strike if the ASEAN trade pact, which will break the backbone of Kerala, goes through.

Mohanlal’s Red Chillies – Review

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Shaji Kailas’s-Mohanlal starrer “Red Chillies” completes Mohanlal’s transition from the Asset side to the Liability side of Malayalam cinema. A movie that could have been a perfect curtain raiser for [...]