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I found this poem today(via Deepak’s blog), and once again the urge to learn the malayalam keyboard and post in malayalam grows overwhelming. Like there are a few things which you can say only in Malayalam. Like see how a beautiful verse loses its vitality when I attempt to translate it, Raghu Raghu says his […]

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Alcohol corners of pointless discussion

In spite of his desire to be completely forgotten, Bob Kaufman, another find from the beat generation. Three poems, one after the other. Jazz radio on a midnight kick, Round about Midnight. Sitting on the bed, With a jazz type chick Round about Midnight, Piano laughter, in my ears, Round about Midnight. Stirring up laughter, […]

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Can media legally violate a prostitute?

Many of us who read newspapers would have seen the furore when B.Lenin, editor of ‘Dinamalar’ was arrested in Chennai a few weeks back, after film actress Bhuvaneshwari’s prostitution racket was busted. Bhuvaneshwari it seems had mentioned the names of a few very prominent film actresses who were involved with prostitution rackets. The next day […]

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We are in the day’s The Hindu :)

Nita Sathyendran covers Ajay’s, Nikhil‘s, Anish’s blogs and my Talkies in the day’s Hindu 🙂 Thanks to Nita and the Hindu for that, and for its commendable stand on the Mullaperiyar issue, and thanks to day’s Hindu for ignoring this statement from a self-proclaimed SOB. (I already have one ongi at this dude after the […]

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Pirate Latitudes and Superfreakonomics

I guess the most awaited books of the year. Pre-ordered both on Amazon. Michael Crichton was my first favourite author. If Great Train Robbery and Eaters of the dead are any indicators, Crichton does period dramas with elan. Pirate Latitudes was discovered as a complete manuscript in his files after his death in 2008. The […]

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Discover India Essay: “One Billion and Counting”

This essay of mine won the Discover India Essay prize at University of Michigan. The event was the first India Business Conference at Michigan. The Essay won me a certificate and whole lot of money in a beautifully organized and heavily attended India conference (though collecting the prize from one of Saffron India’s posterboys wasn’t […]

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King Thackeray and Dhara Patil

It can’t get better – My Man is going to wrestle My Useless Man. It seems Raj Thackeray said “he would beat Patil with shoes for neglecting his constituency“. And Patil, who effectively beat our terrorist cousins out of India, said “If he has the guts to come out in the open, I challenge him […]

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Moore’s Capitalism – A Love Story

“Capitalism – A Love story”, digs a little deeper into the ground water of history, to be precise the Reagan presidency and the Greenspan years,to explain the structural flaws that finally broke the dam. Rubin and Summers do get their share of the laurels. It was exactly two years back in October that I read […]

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Obama Nobel

One can be too cynical about the Bambi Nobel, but if there is one person who has changed the “mood” of the world in such a short period of time, from bringing the world back to multi-nationalism, cutting nuclear arsenal, asserting the main street over all the wall streets, committing to climate change, changing G8 […]

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It doesn’t make sense to me either. But the point is I continue to miss this space and the space it gives me. I missed reviewing Tarantino’s first movie I saw in a theater. I missed ranting for Tharoor and Santhanam. But as the structure decides how we behave, I am in a structure that […]

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