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Apple’s Tablet!

Watching the live feed now…..event is on… “Last time there was this much excitement about a tablet, it had some commandments written on it” đŸ™‚ says the WSJ 10.24 AM: Steve says “We want to kick of 2010 by introducing a magical and revolutionary product today”. And there you go.. 10:30AM “What is the battery […]

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Ending terrorizing ourselves

Friedman has a beautiful piece on America’s priorities and the precariousness of the national psyche. In his OP-ED in times, Friedman talks about “my president, whose agenda can be derailed at any moment by a jihadist death cult using exploding underpants.” And what does the war on terror give us? Better drones, body scanners and […]

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Let’s go exploring :)

Happy New Year folks! Glad you are back. So where do we go this year? With too many friends and acquaintances flouting their new year resolutions, I was under too much peer pressure to come up with a couple of em. But I miserably procrastinated, and lo 2010 is 1 week old and I don’t have […]

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