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Have a new kid by Friday

I have seen people do crazy stuff with Google suggest. I tried bingu’s suggest today, not many surprises. Fun 🙂 Google is god 🙂 Someone wanted proof I guess. Obama is not a US Citizen, but a lying stupid socialist commie Muslim. He is Antichrist too. (more…)

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State of Delusion

Funny, the war in Iraq is half a decade old! For effect, its ongoing for one twentieth of a century! Coincidence, it correlates exactly with my work experience! Dubya estimated a 6 billion dollars budget for the Iraq war! Now they’ve spend close to 600 billion, and the costs are rising! Some estimates peg the […]

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Go on George, its Free!

I’ve heard Goenka’s editorial team had a wry sense of humor, so does Guardian (yeah British elitism!), found this seriously funny 🙂 and Leno to go with… “President Bush said catching a 7.5 pound fish was his best moment since becoming president. You know the sad thing, a lot of historians would agree with that.” […]

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Gore Nobel

NYTimes editorial says, One can generate a lot of heartburn thinking about all of the things that would be better about this country and the world if the Supreme Court had done the right thing and ruled for Al Gore instead of George W. Bush in 2000. In seven years the loser went on to […]

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Hero No 1

In these days of degenerating decency, we ought to be thankful for the one person who strives so hard and travels around the world to make us laugh. The world would have been a very dry place had Al Gore won in 2000. My Hero  – was in Sydney, Australia for the APEC Summit, a gathering […]

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The State of the Union

Joseph Palmi: Let me ask you something… we Italians, we got our families, and we got the chuch; the Irish they have the homeland, jews their tradition; even the niggas, they got their music. What about you people, Mr. Wilson, what do you have? Edward Wilson: The United States of America, and the rest of […]

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The Commandments of Fascism

George Bush has coined the new term ‘Islamo Fasicm’. The new rhetoric is going around with the punch line that if you do not support the War in Iraq ,if you do not support the invasion of Lebanon and if you do not support the bombing plans for Iran – you are a supporter of […]

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