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Ending terrorizing ourselves

Friedman has a beautiful piece on America’s priorities and the precariousness of the national psyche. In his OP-ED in times, Friedman talks about “my president, whose agenda can be derailed at any moment by a jihadist death cult using exploding underpants.” And what does the war on terror give us? Better drones, body scanners and […]

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Manmohan’s methods

When Manmohan Singh moves the one-line confidence motion on July 21st, the Indian Parliament will be finally voting for the Nuclear Deal, thanks to the Left parties. But after disregarding and devaluing the Parliament on the nuclear deal for almost a year now, Manmohan has finally created value. One Lok Sabha MP in India is […]

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Eventhough that time has come

Dear Shri Pranab Mukherjee, ….that time has come – Signed: Prakash Karat, A B Bardhan, Debabrata Biswas, T J Chandrachoodan – and a few of us sighed and others, Good Riddance! said the TOI editorial, Lal Salaam! said Bloody Mary and, in the mayhem added that airports must be privatized. I dont know why Sagarika […]

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Kannur – John Mary’s witnesses

The post is not about Kannur. The mainstream media which trashes blogs for their “opinionated posts lacking editorial control and thoroughgoing research” continues to surprise me with their half baked truths, thorough lies and embedded ideologies. The difference here is, they are paid to do what they are doing (with access to information) and many […]

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CPIM – Marching from Kottayam

Chief Minsiter V S Achuthanandan has expressed his desire to step down as CM to the central leadership. The speculation around why VS cleared his files before the Kottayam conference has now reached its inevitable conclusion. This will be the first time in CPIMs history that one of its Chief Minsters resigns. As the Kottayam […]

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A Miracle,A Spectacle,A Mob

We all know that Communism is a retrograde philosophy which is as good as dead, and the fact that it was pronounced dead in the early nineties saved us the effort to find out what it meant. But in some pockets, in certain islands, it still survives in different forms, sometimes just by name. Kerala […]

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