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Oscars 2009: FROST\NIXON – Review

NIXON: Those parties of yours.The ones I read about in the papers. Tell me…do you actually enjoy them? FROST: Yes, of course. NIXON: Really? You have no idea how fortunate that makes you. Liking people.And being liked having that …facility with people.That lightness.That charm. I don’t have it. Never have. Makes you wonder why I […]

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Oscars 2008

Year after year, filmdom looks forward to one source for Oscar predictions. 2008 is no exception nor was 2007 Best picture: “No Country for Old Men” Best supporting actor: Javier Bardem, “No Country for Old Men” Original score: “Atonement,” Dario Marianelli Best director: Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, “No Country for Old Men” Best screenplay: […]

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Oscars 2008: Atonement – REVIEW

Cecilia Tallis: [in a letter] My darling, Briony found my address somehow and sent a letter. The first surprise was she didn’t go up to Cambridge. She’s doing nurses’ training at my old hospital. I think she may be doing this as some kind of penance. She says she’s beginning to get the full grasp […]

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Oscars 2008: No Country for Old Men – REVIEW

No Country for Old Men never stops growing on you. I watched it over the weekend and it ruined the weekend for me. Haven’t kept the script down since the end credits rolled and it makes you feel more pathetic every passing hour. Undeniably one of the greatest movies ever made – “No Country for […]

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Oscars 2008: Michael Clayton – REVIEW

Michael Clayton: You are the senior litigating partner of one of the largest, most respected law firms in the world. You are a legend. Arthur Edens: I’m an accomplice! Michael Clayton: You’re a manic-depressive! Arthur Edens: I am Shiva, the god of death.  We’ve heard this before, tired people struggling to die another day and  […]

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