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In her own words

He was 45, she was 36., in 1989 Referring to her blood-stained family history, Bhutto wrote in the introduction to her memoir “Daughter of the East” that “I didn’t choose this life, it chose me.”  “I know I am a symbol of what the so-called ‘Jihadists,’ Taliban and al-Qaida, most fear,” Bhutto once wrote in […]

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Vanity, Thy name is…

He is so simple.His world is so different from mine.So separate are his dreams and his preferences.He says very little.He writesthis morning I saw some lovely flowersin the lawn and thought of you. I know I am at that dishevelled stage of lifewhen my face is not much like any flower.But I wish—whatever he says—I […]

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Hot Line

How he used to complain to me!So many people come between us we cannot talk.In the season’s first rain, first snow,full-moon nights, evening’s mild fragrance,morning’s blue cool, how helpless!How the heart aches!Today between him and me there is no third.There can be contact with a slight movement of the hand.But how many seasons have passed […]

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Tomato Ketchup

In our country,A woman who writes poetry,Is eyed as an odd fish.Every man presumesThat in her poemsHe is the issue addressed!And since it is not so,He becomes her foe.In this sense,Sara didn´t make many enemies.She didn´t believe in giving explanations.Before she could become the wife of a poor writer,She had already becomeThe sister-in-law of the […]

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In the line of fire

Pakistan’s self appointed Head of state and erstwhile coup leader Pervez Musharraf has released his autobiography ‘In the Line of Fire’.Key excerpts from the book has been published by BBC, Khaleej Times,NDTV,Pakistani Dawn,Jang and Guardian. I feel a few things he has said might be funny – like toppling a democratically elected government or mowing […]

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