eye FOR an eye

Today, our leader told firangee grand dame during their power lunch ,‘momma, momma,we cannot give a senior resource for your holy(crap) initiative.everyones breaking their heads on the black hole project (which sucks in everyone) and there is one godzillion projects in the pipeline’ it seems madamma stood up ,left one big power burp and said,‘ok […]

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small fish in the small lake

small funda my little abode here in sub-urban miami stands on a small lake.on the other side is a small park and in the lake there are small fishes,ducks and small tortoises.i squat on the steps with a lights cigarrete and a chilled mocha looking at the lake surface with no plausible consequence. once in […]

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the lord of small fundas

about the name. there are a few characters you might come across in future posts,one is an abrupt gentleman then a visionary ,a pragmatic pahadi, an ardent commie,a crazy lady,a confused lady and a few more. pahadi,the mountain man,a direct descendant of yati himself ,calls me lord as my first name is shared by the […]

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