Let us protest the elimination of God

//Let us protest the elimination of God

Let us protest the elimination of God

Another pastoral letter, this time from the Thrissur Archbishop. It is revealing and to say the least scary. The CPIM led left front government in the state is legislating to eliminate faith in God and eventually outlaw our lord and saviour. Save our Gods, the letter urges.

Excerpts : 

The Government’s move to remove religious images from the premises of aided schools and disallow prayers there would lead children to “atheism” and “throw their moral values out of gear”

The proposed reforms in the Kerala Educational Rules were meant for “eliminating faith in God”.  

The Government’s insistence on admitting 50 per cent students to the self-financing professional colleges run by the Churches was in violation of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution

Read the last one? That’s where the crux lies. CPIM needs to understand what exactly belongs to God and what belongs to Shanmughan. The crores in profits from running the self financing colleges belong to GOD – the rich guys who belong to the church are just collecting it. What right does the CPIM and its SFI rats have to decide that 50%  students will pay a lower fees, when GOD himself has decided through rich men affiliated to the Church that the students should pay the full fees?

Eliminating God (and faith in him\her)

It would be nice if Mar Andrews Thazhath asks himself on who is working hard to eliminate God. The Church or the CPIM?

And when did the Church start repeating what rich men say, aren’t they supposed to repeat what wise men say?

But wait on, the way CPIM is messing up , the promised kingdom will defenitely come in another four years, the good old world of Methran, Muthoot and Manorama.

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  1. "---------" July 4, 2007 at 12:52 pm

    Why on earth should these religious bigots make public announcements. Pls arrange for a mass prayer and ur almighty thing will appear infront of the CPIM junta and decree to double the fee. Phew ….. oro vargangal ……

    While they don’t have a problem in enjoying the privileges they get in the name of organised religion, they have never volunteered to show any accountabilty for the money they play with.

    Where was CPIM all these days? This would have been prevented atleast in Kerala, had they had the long sightedness. Now they are trying to chop down the tree. It isn’t always enough to boast of one Mundassery master in every other meeting.

    This isn’t something confined to the Methran. Though they are leading in the educational scene, whereever we have given organised sects unaccountable privileges in the name of religion, it has to bite back.

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