August 2012

Nammude Party

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പണ്ട് വയലായിരുന്ന, പിന്നെ ചെമ്മണ്ണിട്ട്‌ നികത്തി, ഇപ്പോള്‍ വീടുകള്‍ വളരുന്ന, പഴയ പാടത്തിന്റെ ചെറിയ റോഡിലുടെ സായന്ഹ സവാരികളുടെ കാറില്‍ പോകുമ്പോള്‍, പഴയ സ്വയം സേവകന്‍ ഇപ്പോള്‍ പലചരക്ക് കടക്കാരന്‍ അനില്‍ അണ്ണന്റെ കടയ്ക്കു മുന്‍പില്‍ നില്‍കുന്ന ഒരു കൂട്ടം ചെറുപ്പക്കാരെ നോക്കി അമ്മ പറഞ്ഞു “അതാണ് ബിനു”

February 2012

Kerala History: Glimpses from 1956 to 2011

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Because rather than big events, we have focused on big patterns. And while we disagree on a lot many things here - political, cultural, developmental, social, and personal, I hope we all agree that Kerala got it mostly right in the past 55 years. Because Kerala is the No.1 state in India, here we go, and as always we would like to hear your thoughts.

April 2011

Kerala Elections 2011: Kalashakottu

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The last 15 minutes of campaigning for Assembly elections in Peroorkada Junction, at the nerve center of the Vattiyoorkavu constituency in Trivandrum. K.Muraleedharan of INC takes on CPIM independent Cherian Philip in this VIP constituency encompassing AKG Center, Legislative Assembly, Cliff House, and Indira Bhavan.

March 2011

Kerala Elections: Do you remember 2006?

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But if you are looking for a government which hits the right buttons with a 20 year vision for the state, which does not sell out our precious assets and our land, which has clear policies for human development and the ability to execute that on multiple fronts, which does not bow to the pressures of retrograde caste and religious organizations, which has a cabinet of people who know what they are talking about, which makes Kerala rank consistently as the best state in India - You might want to put some effort, drink some coffee, take a deep breath, and try to remember 2006.

November 2010

Malayalam Cinema’s Mindspace

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Now for the blockbusters from the past 22 years - 1988 - Chitram , 1989 - Ramjirao Speaking , 1990 - His Highness Abdulla , 1991 - Godfather , 1992 - Pappayude Swantham Appose , 1993 - Manichitrathazhu , 1994 - Commisioner , 1995 - Spadikam , 1996 - Hitler , 1997 - Aaram Thampuran , 1998 - HariKrishnans , 1999 - Friends , 2000 - Narasimham , 2001 - Raavnaprabhu , 2002 - Meesamadhavan , 2003 - Chronic Bachelor , 2004 - Sethuramaiyer CBI , 2005 - Rajamanikyam , 2006 - Classmates , 2007 - Kadha Parayumbol , 2008 - Twenty:20 , 2009 - Pazhassi Raja.

June 2010

Paanashery nambi.

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This is a question thats been nagging the boys and yours truly for years. In a recent meetup in San Francisco, the standing (also sitting and sometimes lying down) committee on "Figuring out what the hell Mohanlal talks about in his movies" watched Mohanlal's Raavanaprabhu.

April 2010

Tharoor: One year since

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It is more saddening to see that Tharoor is not exiting on his own, but being sacked around accusations of corruption. If he had resigned in protest against "the red tape", or "allocation of funds to Kerala", or even "ludicrous nature of Indian foreign policy" it would have been a worth while tenure. I do not understand when people say "tharoor is the new kinda politician". I do understand that he never fit in, but that is not enough to claim that he is any different or any better.

December 2009

CET – Pages from 2000

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Hope you had a great decade, take my word(I just ran the numbers), the next ten years are gonna be much much better! It’s already 2010 in India, Happy New [...]


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almost all birds we knew have flown, many of us have kids our age, Mammooty aged back ten years, Shilpa Shetty got married, Kavya got divorced, IFFK turned 14, K Karunakaran is still alive (now I didn't see that coming), malayalam cinema returned to world class, I check my mails every 4 minutes, Dhwani is safe in new hands, I didn't win a booker prize, I am still single (now I didn't see that coming). But the mind still wanders to CET for sanity and a little courage, and CET still influences the way many of us react to money, power, and women.

Of all the things…

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So to say the least I left the city with a good taste in my mouth and a lot of hope about this nth renaissance in Malayalam movie. And a real renaissance it is I feel, when I hear about Kerala Cafe, Neelathamara, and Paleri Manickam.(though with a little regret about missing all the action).

October 2009


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I found this poem today(via Deepak's blog), and once again the urge to learn the malayalam keyboard and post in malayalam grows overwhelming. Like there are a few things which [...]

June 2009

Zoo ‘n d rain

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Like the leapord, the rest of the city was blanketed inside the heavy showers - sleeping. And I for one found out that Leopards are solitary animals except during mating [...]

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