February 2008

A Miracle,A Spectacle,A Mob

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We all know that Communism is a retrograde philosophy which is as good as dead, and the fact that it was pronounced dead in the early nineties saved us the [...]

March 2007


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It was at night that they came for you, always at night. The proper thing was to kill yourself before they got you. Undoubtedly some people did so. But it [...]

February 2007

the face of God

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JENSEN suddenly wheels to his audience of one and roarsout:JENSEN :You have meddled with the primal forces of nature, Mr. Beale,and I won't have it, is that clear?!You think you [...]

October 2006

Fleas interest me so much

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Fleas interest me so muchthat I let them bite me for hours.They are perfect, ancient, Sanskrit,machines that admit of no appeal.They do not bite to eat,they bite only to jump;they [...]

September 2006

the loveless tale of karma

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... Long before the lizards, before the dinosaurs, two spores set out onan incredible journey. They came to a valley bathed in the placid glowof sunset.My elder sister, said the [...]

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