June 2014

World Cup 2014 – Lets dance!

By |2014-07-08T18:31:42-05:00June 12th, 2014|Announcement|

  And that's how it ends, with a whimper. Sad. Onto Russia 2018.         =============================== This captures the sheer volatility of this world cup - Ha the [...]

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May 2014

November 2012

Obama: 4 more years :)

By |2012-11-07T02:02:11-05:00November 7th, 2012|Announcement, Politics|

Immigration Reform. Wall Street Reform. Peace in Middle East. Global Climate change. Save Europe. Clean Tech. Legalize Gay marriage. Legalize Marijuana. Ban Donald Trump. 4 More years. Lot to accomplish :)

January 2012

December 2010

Best way to spend Rs.5000

By |2010-12-16T16:01:21-05:00December 4th, 2010|Announcement, India, talkies|

For 15 years, Outlook magazine has kept the right distance from India Today and Frontline. From Manoj Prabhakar's revelation of the match fixing scandal to the Niira Radia tapes, Outlook has defied the establishment cronies. In consistently publishing 33 page long articles from Arundhati Roy (who is unequivocally hated by their target middle class audience), Outlook has made sure we hear the dissident voices. I have subscribed for years now. It's worth it.

November 2010

Introducing Bodhi Commons

By |2010-12-04T02:23:25-05:00November 22nd, 2010|Announcement, Kerala|

is not politically neutral and can never be. Bodhi Commons does not hate politicians nor tries to appeal to an apolitical audience. If you are apolitical, for us, you are as good as dead. If you have politics of any kind, pull a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and we'll talk.

July 2010

WordPress 3.0

By |2010-08-05T02:41:28-05:00July 17th, 2010|Announcement, talkies|

Long 6 hour upgrade to MySQL 5.0 and then to Wordpress 3.0 ("Thelonius), the latest and fastest version of Wordpress. Its 4 AM on the pacific sea-board. Behold ye all [...]

June 2010

World Cup 2010

By |2014-06-10T22:06:04-05:00June 10th, 2010|Announcement, Video|

LIVE WC 2010 Update from San Jose: Whilst our model points towards Brazil as being the strongest team to take part in the World Cup, our World Cup Wall Chart indicates that thanks to the actual fixtures determined by the schedule, we believe England will be the winner of the 2010 World Cup.

April 2010

Search fun :)

By |2010-04-18T16:36:19-05:00April 18th, 2010|Announcement|

My top picks from the last 233 searches that landed in Talkies. My favorite of course is "PRITHVIRAJ DESTROYED MOHANLAL". Seriously? with Antony Perumbavoor around? what was the reason for [...]

December 2009


By |2020-05-02T00:37:15-05:00December 21st, 2009|Announcement, Kerala, Trivandrum|

almost all birds we knew have flown, many of us have kids our age, Mammooty aged back ten years, Shilpa Shetty got married, Kavya got divorced, IFFK turned 14, K Karunakaran is still alive (now I didn't see that coming), malayalam cinema returned to world class, I check my mails every 4 minutes, Dhwani is safe in new hands, I didn't win a booker prize, I am still single (now I didn't see that coming). But the mind still wanders to CET for sanity and a little courage, and CET still influences the way many of us react to money, power, and women.

October 2009

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