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December 2007

In her own words

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He was 45, she was 36., in 1989 Referring to her blood-stained family history, Bhutto wrote in the introduction to her memoir "Daughter of the East" that "I didn't choose [...]

February 2007

Vanity, Thy name is…

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He is so simple.His world is so different from mine.So separate are his dreams and his preferences.He says very little.He writesthis morning I saw some lovely flowersin the lawn and [...]

Hot Line

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How he used to complain to me!So many people come between us we cannot talk.In the season's first rain, first snow,full-moon nights, evening's mild fragrance,morning's blue cool, how helpless!How the [...]

December 2006

Tomato Ketchup

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In our country,A woman who writes poetry,Is eyed as an odd fish.Every man presumesThat in her poemsHe is the issue addressed!And since it is not so,He becomes her foe.In this [...]

September 2006

In the line of fire

By |2006-09-26T03:23:00-05:00September 26th, 2006|India|

Pakistan's self appointed Head of state and erstwhile coup leader Pervez Musharraf has released his autobiography 'In the Line of Fire'.Key excerpts from the book has been published by BBC, [...]

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