December 2017

Reading Tomas Transtromer

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THE COUPLE They turn the light off, and its white globe glows an instant and then dissolves, like a tablet in a glass of darkness. Then a rising. The hotel [...]

February 2017

Women like you drown oceans

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“Once upon a time, the princess rose from the ashes her dragon lovers made of her & crowned herself the mother-fucking queen of herself. - how’s that for a happily ever after?”

June 2015

October 2014

Forever Young

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When the winds of changes shift May your heart always be joyful And may your song always be sung May you stay forever young Forever young, forever young May you stay forever young.

July 2014

May 2014


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On a cold winter night in 78 he drank two liters of Russian tea, went to Red Square before light and wrote on snow: “Brezhnev is an idiot!”

January 2014

November 2013

If you are going to create – Bukowski

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No baby, if you’re going to create you’re going to create whether you work 16 hours a day in a coal mine or you’re going to create in a small room with 3 children while you’re on welfare.

Lingavishappu by Vishnu Prasad

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In a recent interview with Madhyamam newspaper, the author talks about the 'hunter's viewpoint' when it comes to sexual assaults. Vishnu Prasad feels better understanding the hunter's social conditions is important enough and is seldom thought of. He feels male sexuality is suppressed in Kerala's social conditioning. He goes to the extent of claiming men are more sexually frustrated than women. He details the 'hunter's viewpoint' in detail in some of his poems, like the recently controversial "Linga vishappu" in which he says, the man's under wear that gets torn from excessive masturbation does not lie about his social condition, about the suppressed hunger of the penis.

October 2013


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Pink eraser: I never fall apart because I never fall together. Also - "Everybody should like everybody," and "The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting,"

August 2013

March 2013