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December 2007

Katha Parayumbol

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The story is a little "Malgudy"-esque and has universal appeal. A simple story set in a village with all its innocence and its unique characters The protagonist is Barber Balan (Sreenivasan) who struggles to make a living with his dilapidated saloon which he wants to renovate.

November 2007

Rock n Roll – Review

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Whenever I get a new vehicle I give two coconuts to Pazhavangadi Ganapathi and whenever a Mohanlal movie releases I give Rs. 40 to Thampanoor SreeKumar-SreeVisakh. It is a ritual. [...]

August 2007

July 2007

Arabikatha and Cuba Mukundan – Lal Jose delivers

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Film makers often fear to touch the communists,(and most often it is for singing praises) - they fear to touch live issues too. Lal Jose does both. Cuba Mukundan, the central character played by Sreenivasan is, when you think about it, the "party" itself. With all that is right about it and many things that are outdated. Lal Jose shows the decay with deep sympathy, as a true artist and like the touching poem in the movie, finds light at the end of the tunnel.

Mission 90 Days – FLAT

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Mission 90 Days, In theatres. a Classic reaction, which sums it up -       "Worth! Worth" Me: "Is it!!" "Veruthu!Veruthu" Everyone has a right to self-indulgence, good film makers have done [...]