Women’s empowerment and Pratibha Aunty

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Women’s empowerment and Pratibha Aunty

Did anyone see today’s Mathrubhumi?

Our cute Kottayam District Collector, Sharmila Mary Joseph cried it out in front of the entire media entrounge. The venue was the Flood relief evaluation meeting in the district convened by  Mathew T Thomas (Minister) where the Collector came under attack from the MLAs. The attack must have been vicious as the district administration virtually failed in all aspects of flood relief as the MLAs put. And our Collector chick cried. And Mathrubhumi has three big photos on the front page. I didn’t feel a thing when the death toll in the state climbed to above fifty, but these three photos ruined my day. Can’t stand you crying girl. Whatever she does about flood or drought, Sharmila chick did great service to women in the state yesterday. The Kottayam girl sitting next to me is very angry about that. I told her “you are all like this” and I won. Sharmila Mary Joseph gave me a chance.

Women’s empowerment and Pratibha Aunty. Some say yes, others say no. Well, I think its a win-win situation. The very sight of Angela Merkel amongst the G8 guys makes us feel good about Germany, the same would be true with Pratibha.  Another point to note is, our “marathi” aunty (as per Papa Bear Thackeray) would occupy some media space which is now occupied pretty much by mallu aunties. (courtesy : Google Analytics). Ha, now the win-win thingy – even if Pratibha Aunty is a rubber stamp (which she says she will not be) women will be empowered. A woman called Sonia Gandhi.



I was watching the Tarantino-Rodriguez Grindhouse dual movies yesterday night, the ones released in May. There are two movies – “Death Proof” (Tarantino) and “Planet Terror”(Rodriguez). I’ve always maintained that women’s empowerment for me is “Kill Bill” 1 and 2 by Tarantino. Today am adding “Death Proof” to that. Women of all lands unite. Watch “Death Proof” and if you haven’t already “Kill Bill”. That would be empowerment for today.

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  1. Adarsh June 27, 2007 at 4:51 am

    Excellent blog! Wud come back again! 🙂

  2. alakananda June 28, 2007 at 9:50 am

    ayye! che!
    remember that debate which u helped me out with, the one abt women leaders. i guess ur point has been validated. u won again, thanks to smj. so what do we do now,sing “don’t cry for me sharmila mary!”? a crying shame to womanhood.
    am not too thrilled abt ‘madam president’ either. like u said that’s going to empower only one oman. one i couldn’t care less about. i am sure u must have read what arun shourie had found abt mme.patil.
    anyway, what is the matter with us. and btw, u do not like kalam, or PP, or NR. so who wld be ur choice? i hope u don’t say somnath chatterjee. i know u lean left. but i find the speaker insufferably arrogant.

  3. bvn June 28, 2007 at 11:46 pm

    my choice would be Pranab mukherjee. In this contest it would be Bhairon Singh…he did a great job as VP.

  4. alakananda June 29, 2007 at 12:28 pm

    good! shekhawat would be my candidate too.:)

  5. Dr C.S.Gulvady July 7, 2007 at 12:56 am

    Its all very easy to say” I told you so about women”.But we hardly care or wonder about the occupational stress,IAS officers & Collectors, irrespective of sex,undergo especially in times of Crises.They are the ones who run the Government and the entire burden of the running of the nation is upon them.And I think they are doing a fairly efficient job inspite of our politicians.They are expected to work all round the clock,without any rest,whilst the rest of society abides by the eight hour work shift.We forget that they too are human beings and entitled to time with family and some rest.The quality of politicians is day by day deteriorating with only goondas and criminals joining politics.And these guys who from the lowest rungs of society,boss it over our IAS officers,who incidently are the very cream of our civilised society.The politician who criticised Sharmila must have really crude and crass to have caused such a reaction.

  6. Rajesh J July 9, 2007 at 8:06 pm

    I completely agree with Dr.Gulady…It’s good & easy 2 say oh!! they too cried and good fun 4 me and all sitting @ fence..Well..some bureaucreats can be useless also and be corrupt but what ever Sharmila Madam has done in Wayanad, or as TVM Corporation Commissioner etc have been mind blowing if you are some one from the grass roots – you will care 2 find out before proclaiming the “so -called woman” image..oh!! dont worry I dont care either if she cries or not;-)) Well she should also learn the biggest lesson of life – never 2 get bullied by some pack of jockers & obviously its not her salary (which could be again nothing) that can be given as flood money and the real culprit is the MLA’s and the State and rather than pointing fingers,let the elected folks – MLAs, Ministers and Bureaucrats work in unison to build a competent neat Kerala and India!! Lal Salaam!
    P.S: Dr.Sharmila was transfered from Wayanad when she tried to fight against the so-called politicians and other folks who wanted 2 divert money 2 their likes, while she took all courage and honesty 2 give it poor, privileged and the real cholera people of the state….Men crying may be you haven’t my brothers, please ask your friends and many of your so-called leaders how many hav got in2 same situation…so let’s NOT get emotional and be reactive to such incidences..Thanks and best wishes friends

  7. bvn July 10, 2007 at 3:44 am

    Dr C S Gulvady, you are entitled to your prejudices. “The quality of politicians is day by day deteriorating with only goondas and criminals joining politics.” – look who is being foolish here, who is getting carried away. you have a Doctorate n all – why don’t you join politics then. My whole point is every office requires a pschyometric test. I don’t know of any IAS officer who works around the clock. Its 9-6 for them too, rather 10-5 with a hell lot of power. lets not get emotional, like Sharmila.

    Rajesh, Sharmila is just another instance when a woman cried, that was my problem here. A district collector cannot do that, it is unacceptable. You do agree with Gulvady on yr contempt of politicians, “so called politicians”, ” MLAs” – just remember that any given day these MLAs do more good to the people than all your “mind blowing” Sharmilas put together. yr opinion is just another rant from the CNN-IBN generation. politicians have all the right to protest, they are answerable to the people not your “mind blowing” Sharmila. Sharmila is another example of the upper middle class chick, first rank in class, whose idea of IAS is Shaji Kailas movies, seeing the real riot. Riot of reasons. peace.

  8. Rajesh J July 10, 2007 at 9:30 am

    Thanks BVN..I stand corrected on few points about politicians as I’m not one of the so-called upper class..I come from a typical middle class who has 2 work hard 2 have my real chaya..infact being a real ground level followers of few politicians I will be the last 2 mudsling those…but the point is simple,,they need 2 lot 2 prove their worth after spending 8-10 years from school to college to employee union, I still wonder why many can’t understand & do justice tothe common man’s issues – yes they are trying..but not enuf..I dont want 2 debate..I dont watch CNN except during gulf war….2 know about our many fellow brethren ut there…Let’s not take this personal..as you said many IAS officers may work 8 am to 5 pm as we perceive which is totally wrong my friend like many politicians and neat bureaucrats they have 2 really work their butt off…I dont know your back ground..if you dont believe you go to some chief corporationsmunicipal – corruption is rampant with bureaucrats but NOT with all..thatz my take!!!Let’s not just take 1 Sharmila or 1 priya or 1 Radha – and Shaji Kailas are all anyway fluke with some dream ..i dunno about 1st rank..what it matters is the work you do who ever you are:-)) Yes let’s hope all Ministers, MLAs and bureaucrats change kerala…without me telling here there are lot of good ppl around in every walk of life;_))so peace and thank you..
    Lal Salam!!

  9. bvn July 11, 2007 at 12:25 am

    I completely agree this time. My only problem was with sweeping generalisations which the right wing media comes up every other day on politicians. Very valid points, the expectations are high. And I agree with you when you say, you can’t live with this pace of change, I too feel the same.

    btw…that 10-5 thing is Babu Paul’s (IAS) own statement 🙂

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