Did anyone see today’s Mathrubhumi?

Our cute Kottayam District Collector, Sharmila Mary Joseph cried it out in front of the entire media entrounge. The venue was the Flood relief evaluation meeting in the district convened by  Mathew T Thomas (Minister) where the Collector came under attack from the MLAs. The attack must have been vicious as the district administration virtually failed in all aspects of flood relief as the MLAs put. And our Collector chick cried. And Mathrubhumi has three big photos on the front page. I didn’t feel a thing when the death toll in the state climbed to above fifty, but these three photos ruined my day. Can’t stand you crying girl. Whatever she does about flood or drought, Sharmila chick did great service to women in the state yesterday. The Kottayam girl sitting next to me is very angry about that. I told her “you are all like this” and I won. Sharmila Mary Joseph gave me a chance.

Women’s empowerment and Pratibha Aunty. Some say yes, others say no. Well, I think its a win-win situation. The very sight of Angela Merkel amongst the G8 guys makes us feel good about Germany, the same would be true with Pratibha.  Another point to note is, our “marathi” aunty (as per Papa Bear Thackeray) would occupy some media space which is now occupied pretty much by mallu aunties. (courtesy : Google Analytics). Ha, now the win-win thingy – even if Pratibha Aunty is a rubber stamp (which she says she will not be) women will be empowered. A woman called Sonia Gandhi.



I was watching the Tarantino-Rodriguez Grindhouse dual movies yesterday night, the ones released in May. There are two movies – “Death Proof” (Tarantino) and “Planet Terror”(Rodriguez). I’ve always maintained that women’s empowerment for me is “Kill Bill” 1 and 2 by Tarantino. Today am adding “Death Proof” to that. Women of all lands unite. Watch “Death Proof” and if you haven’t already “Kill Bill”. That would be empowerment for today.