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Bloody Mary – Sagarika’s Circus

It is funny, the shallowness of our much touted journos. If it appears that I am highlighting a few flaws in an article without addressing the bigger question, it could be true. Because that is exactly what Bloody Mary has done and  what such a superfluos article deserves. Sagarika Ghose’s(Bloody Mary)  latest column in CNN-IBN, titled Rather a dull Party reads,

Every right thinking citizen of West Bengal has now realized that there is no alternative to industrialisation, that in order to create jobs there is no option but to acquire agricultural land and that private capital must be invited.

From Walmart, to the media, to private investment in higher education, to FDI in retail, the Left loathes everything the people of India seem to love.

Sagarika ought to define this – “Right thinking Citizen of West Bengal”. Are they the CNN-IBN crowd, hidden somewhere in the Bhadralok,who vote every other month that Left rule is over in Bengal. She is critical of the leftist intellectuals who are academic (studied), but has Sagarika ever wondered why CNN-IBN is so averse to facts. Why it is India’s upcoming “FOX” circus that makes no sense.

Who is Sagarika’s people of India? The Welch critic would take issue with Sagarika for repeating the same idea “Walmart” and “FDI in retail” in a sentence. Maybe it is just a pointer on who her “sugar daddies” are, who recently bought her very costly pen or yeah wordprocessor.

Its difficult to think of a left leader or intellectual articulate a real paradigm shift. Leftspeak is still about “imperialism” and “sovereignty” and “global capital” and “secular fabric”.

“imperialism”, “sovereignty”, “global capital” and “secular fabric” are very important words Sagarika. It means the difference of life and death for all of us, thats why the leftists use them. Maybe your words “Walmart”, “Hedge funds”, “Sweat shops” and “Tax sops” pull in more money for YOU – their mercenary. But until they pay us, should we dance?

“All over the world air travel has become mass travel.”

Sagarika. You are lost little girl.

“If China has allowed Walmart and even persuaded Walmart to allow unions when it does not allow them, then why does the Left believe it cannot do the same for India”

Mohanlal, playing M.N.Karthikeyan (not M.N.Nambiar), asked “So what! So what! I do not understand. So What!”.

I’m kidding Sagarika, you wouldn’t have noticed the South of India. We exist, make movies and all. Leave that. Well, there have been several instances in China, where “paid” journalist mercenaries (Word Count : Walmart – 5) were rounded up and screwed big time. Then I really don’t know why the Left believes it cannot do the same in India.

“As our economy opens, perhaps there is need for the Left to open its mind, otherwise the longest serving Marxist-led state government will make sure that India is soon rid of all its Marxists.”

A school kid would perhaps ask why the Marxists head the longest serving government in India, If Sagarika hasn’t yet, she should. She should ask why any state that had a Communist government in India goes back to the marxists time and again. Why politics in Kerala, despite the party in power is always leftist. Once a race tastes leftist ideology, why they never let it go. Why people love the Leftists? The answer is pretty simple, the leftist governments love their people. It could appear very simple, then it is.

Bloody Mary used to give some hope in the CNN-IBN circus, but Sagarika has lost it. Devoid of facts, crouched in some glass tower Sagarika proves she is just Mrs. Rajdeep Sardesai. There is a business to run, promises to keep.

Vintage post from Vantage Point

Rajdeep Sardesai on CNN-IBN covering the Mumbai Serial blasts – “These pictures are now being beamed on all CNN networks all over the world. Indians all over the world watching CNN are now watching CNN-IBN. This is the power of CNN-IBN”.

Yes Rajdeep, we are very proud of you. Your timing for patting yourself on the back is admirable.

One could ask, why I go back again and again to her columns if i so disagree.


Maybe, this is why 🙂

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  1. "---------" July 10, 2007 at 1:27 pm

    She comes across as quite a confused person dealing with such issues. There was an article on Buddhadeb Bhatacharya in which she first lamented how a party committed to poor can strip them off their land. Then she went on to give steps for doing it. Don’t recollect the whole thing, but at the end of it, I had no clue what exactly was she aiming to say.

    I hardly read her, anyway. I have no reasons to frequent there, you see.

    I’m kidding Sagarika, you wouldn’t have noticed the South of India. We exist, make movies and all. Leave that.

    Thats not just her problem Nearly evone from “non-south” thinks the whole of south is a tribal village where people live on top of cocunut trees and ride elephants. There was an HR guy in our office who used to think we are “lucky” to be where we are.

    Why politics in Kerala, despite the party in power is always leftist. Once a race tastes leftist ideology, why they never let it go. Why people love the Leftists? The answer is pretty simple, the leftist governments love their people. It could appear very simple, then it is.

    A little exaggeration. But granted considering the background here ;))

  2. Deepak July 10, 2007 at 9:31 pm

    A guy from our class had posted the link to Bloody Mary article on our class mailing list a few days back. I’ll post a link to your article as reply.

    I didn’t quite understand about “repeating the same idea “Walmart” and “FDI in retail” in a sentence”.

    Anyway i’m quite uninformed on global business taxonomy.

  3. bvn July 11, 2007 at 1:29 am

    on the exaggeration part. take the case of all these eastern european nations – despite the fact that the governments have fell, the political discourse still has a pre-dominant left leaning.

    Take Russia – the biggest party and even the Putin dialogue is leftward bound.

    Take Latin America – from Bloivia to Brazil to Argentina, Mexico, venezuela – its virtually a resurrection happening there

    US of A – the liberal left will has taken the house, it will defenitely take the white house

    Mid-east and Far east remains, but it is a matter of time.

    Deepak, “Walmart”‘s entry and FDI in retail is pretty much the same idea. You dont need to separate them with a comma in proper english grammar. you know, Bloody Mary is a rhodes scholar 🙂

  4. Deepak July 11, 2007 at 11:44 am


  5. Alpha August 14, 2007 at 10:31 am

    Very true , very true .Kudos for this remarkable blog blog. sagarika looked very ridiculous in that article .We cant help her she is born to a rich dad . All the sons and daughters of rich dads in north india are like this . heartless creatures. they never care about the poverty around. sorry if i am insulting anybody . but its the naked truth. Success of communist parties in repeated elections in bengal can be attributed to the land reforms in the rural bengal which empowered the poor villagers . As the national medias never ventured into rural bihar, this was rarely known to the out side world
    The income disparity in india is increasing rapidly . India can only become a developed country by empowering its villagers . It can only be done by 1. Universal education and 2. massive land reforms. Left parties are the only parties which stands for these 2 things . So amoderate left movement is must for india . At the same time , left should stop its excess like excessive trade unionism and white coller trade unions . Tradeunionist who wont work will not be tolerated . dont forget communism is a principal orginated from ” Labour ” .Are these NGO leaders belong to the weak section of the society ? Those who dont recognise “Labour” are not communists . Even though communism is relevent for rest of india , its not relevant for kerala . communist parties should be reformed into social democratic ones standing by the weak and needy all the time.As kerala has achieved equality there is no relevance for a communist party here.

  6. bvn August 16, 2007 at 2:39 am

    well Alpha, I do agree to the point that Comm Parties have done a lot of good, but citing them as the only alternative is going a bit too far. Parties like the congress aided by a mass movement can implement the things you mentioned. As far as socio democrats in kerala are concerned, I guess we are already there. Lets not go by names 🙂

    I disagree on the trade union front, yes everybody needs to work, but the union is very important.

  7. Alpha August 16, 2007 at 3:08 am

    Let me elaborate my points . Kerala is definitely a unique state . Both Communists and congress here are socialists . In Kerala,Even in the hindu fundamentalist BJP, Surprisingly I can see some socialist straits . like the support for non hindu entry in to shabarimala.
    But I dont think this is true in pan india perspective . Having lived several years in Mahrashtra , I dont think congress there is socialist . They want the current system of exploitation to cointinue . Land reforms were never implimented in any other states other than Kerala , WB and Tripura . I see Congress as the culprit here. That is the reason why , i supported the leftists , even if there are many fakes among them.
    And on the trade uinon front , I never meant to bash them . I respect their role in getting the equal rights for the worker . But What i find disgusting is the bunch of trade union leaders especially white collar , who dont work. Most of the leaders dont work at all. Kerala should respect the “labour” , otherwise the state will not progress . but i doubt i am digressing from our subject , sagarika and co.

  8. bvn August 16, 2007 at 8:33 am

    Alpha, you make a very valid point here. Congress wanting a status quo. But pan India presence is not there for the communists rite. thats why i called INC the vehicle. if we can get the INC to come up with an NREG, may be land reforms cud also be possible with some pressure. Left’s new demand for a Ministry for Land reforms, the strong new movement in Andhra for reforms. Do we see some light. Again, a very valid point.

  9. Alpha August 16, 2007 at 10:47 am

    Yes, You are right . Me too is very optimistic about the future of India . Anyway it is a democracy. Lot of information is getting trickled to the bottom .,even if ,at a slow rate , You can see the empowerment of the comman man all over india egs , election of mayawati , however corrept she might be. But the funny thing is that elitist, upper class, are not seeing it yet . They do see the poor as destined to rot in the streets.This is the Problem Of India. it will be a shock of lifetime for them., Like the last parliament election 🙂 Mark My words.. buddy 🙂

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