It is funny, the shallowness of our much touted journos. If it appears that I am highlighting a few flaws in an article without addressing the bigger question, it could be true. Because that is exactly what Bloody Mary has done and  what such a superfluos article deserves. Sagarika Ghose’s(Bloody Mary)  latest column in CNN-IBN, titled Rather a dull Party reads,

Every right thinking citizen of West Bengal has now realized that there is no alternative to industrialisation, that in order to create jobs there is no option but to acquire agricultural land and that private capital must be invited.

From Walmart, to the media, to private investment in higher education, to FDI in retail, the Left loathes everything the people of India seem to love.

Sagarika ought to define this – “Right thinking Citizen of West Bengal”. Are they the CNN-IBN crowd, hidden somewhere in the Bhadralok,who vote every other month that Left rule is over in Bengal. She is critical of the leftist intellectuals who are academic (studied), but has Sagarika ever wondered why CNN-IBN is so averse to facts. Why it is India’s upcoming “FOX” circus that makes no sense.

Who is Sagarika’s people of India? The Welch critic would take issue with Sagarika for repeating the same idea “Walmart” and “FDI in retail” in a sentence. Maybe it is just a pointer on who her “sugar daddies” are, who recently bought her very costly pen or yeah wordprocessor.

Its difficult to think of a left leader or intellectual articulate a real paradigm shift. Leftspeak is still about “imperialism” and “sovereignty” and “global capital” and “secular fabric”.

“imperialism”, “sovereignty”, “global capital” and “secular fabric” are very important words Sagarika. It means the difference of life and death for all of us, thats why the leftists use them. Maybe your words “Walmart”, “Hedge funds”, “Sweat shops” and “Tax sops” pull in more money for YOU – their mercenary. But until they pay us, should we dance?

“All over the world air travel has become mass travel.”

Sagarika. You are lost little girl.

“If China has allowed Walmart and even persuaded Walmart to allow unions when it does not allow them, then why does the Left believe it cannot do the same for India”

Mohanlal, playing M.N.Karthikeyan (not M.N.Nambiar), asked “So what! So what! I do not understand. So What!”.

I’m kidding Sagarika, you wouldn’t have noticed the South of India. We exist, make movies and all. Leave that. Well, there have been several instances in China, where “paid” journalist mercenaries (Word Count : Walmart – 5) were rounded up and screwed big time. Then I really don’t know why the Left believes it cannot do the same in India.

“As our economy opens, perhaps there is need for the Left to open its mind, otherwise the longest serving Marxist-led state government will make sure that India is soon rid of all its Marxists.”

A school kid would perhaps ask why the Marxists head the longest serving government in India, If Sagarika hasn’t yet, she should. She should ask why any state that had a Communist government in India goes back to the marxists time and again. Why politics in Kerala, despite the party in power is always leftist. Once a race tastes leftist ideology, why they never let it go. Why people love the Leftists? The answer is pretty simple, the leftist governments love their people. It could appear very simple, then it is.

Bloody Mary used to give some hope in the CNN-IBN circus, but Sagarika has lost it. Devoid of facts, crouched in some glass tower Sagarika proves she is just Mrs. Rajdeep Sardesai. There is a business to run, promises to keep.

Vintage post from Vantage Point

Rajdeep Sardesai on CNN-IBN covering the Mumbai Serial blasts – “These pictures are now being beamed on all CNN networks all over the world. Indians all over the world watching CNN are now watching CNN-IBN. This is the power of CNN-IBN”.

Yes Rajdeep, we are very proud of you. Your timing for patting yourself on the back is admirable.

One could ask, why I go back again and again to her columns if i so disagree.


Maybe, this is why 🙂