Madambi Vs Parunthu – Review!

//Madambi Vs Parunthu – Review!

Madambi Vs Parunthu – Review!

“Madambi” and “Parunthu” should go together, for the sheer hype and controversy around these movies, the two superstars playing moneylenders, almost the same cast, and the fact that both the movies deliver nothing new.  I’d watched “Madambi” and “Parunthu” almost back to back a week back, but then both the movies dont live upto even one tenth of the hype around them. “Paruthu” is a painful failure putting an end to Mammooty’s dream run of superhits, as one friend put it “yevan Parunthalla ketta, yevananu kaakka” 🙂


Hype: “Madambi” Vs “Parunthu” has been doing rounds for months now, almost every film magazine had features and cover stories on a weekly basis, truth be told it wasn’t mere hype. “Parunthu” topped the list! “Parunthu” was Pathmakumar’s first Mammooty movie. The director of  unforgettable “Vargam” and “Vasthavam” was getting Mammooty to play an anti-hero, a dark character. Personally I liked “Smart City”, B Unnikrishnan’s flop starring Suresh Gopi. And “Madambi” was tipped to be his comeback movie into the “superhero” bandawagaon.


foto courtesy: Keralapals


Outright childish stuff to a Police Case registered against Mohanlal Fanooligans in Kochi. We are entertained!

Yeah its almost cold now, but the crowd erupts when Mohanlal’s character says “Panathinu meethe Parinthu parukkumo illayo ennu enikku ariyathilla. Athellam Parinthinte sowkariyam pole. Pakshe ente ee thalaikku meethe oru Parinthum parakkila. Paranaal.. chiraku arinju kalayum njaan.”

And posters across the Malabar belt saying “Parinthu Madambiye kotthi thinnum….!”

And “Madambi” released at 3:01 AM overtaking Roudram’s record of 3:02 AM. Parunthu released at 12:01 AM overtaking Madambi’s record of 3:01 AM. and many Lal fans wondering “have we lost?”

And a police case registered in Kochi against so called Mohanlal fans who disrupted screening of Parunthu

And T A Razak, script writer of Parunthu claiming his script wouldn’t stoop low like Madambi did 🙂 [as if he had a script]

btw end of two weeks, the verdict is clear – Madambi is a clear winner! controversial or otherwise.

Story: There is no story as such, so I’ll keep it short.

Madambi: Mohanlal plays “Puthenveetil Gopalakrishna Pillai” in Madambi – a self made money lender who lends money at bank interest rate. Kavya plays a character who wants to set up a private bank in the same town. The story set somewhere near Pathanamthitta, is about some feudal rivalry which the movie never explains. The personal element revolves around Puthenveetil Gopalakrishna Pillai’s strained relationship with his mother and younger brother. Jagathy, Innocent and Suraj plays the other main characters.

Parunthu: Mammooty plays “Parunthu Purushothaman” in Parunthu – a self made money lender who lends money and collects it himself. Lakshmi Rai plays a character who doesn’t really matter. The story is set somewhere in Northern Kerala, not that it really matters.  The personal element revolves around Parunthu Purushothaman’s strained relationship with his mother. Jagathy, Hanifa, Jayasurya and Suraj plays the other main characters.



1. The craft is good which makes it a highly watchable movie. Especially the dialogues which remain true to the local lingua of the Aaranmula area. Maybe its after decades that we are hearing words like “Kochattan” in movies. The cinematography(is exceptional!), music and the action is good.

2. Mohanlal gives a grounded and controlled performance. The dialogues don’t ramble for minutes and the overall getup gives Puthenveetil Gopalakrishna Pillai a warm but threatening demeanour like Neelan in Devasuram. B Unnikrishan deserves credit for this one. Though Mohanlal has about 5 kilos of Trans fat on his face, it goes with the character 🙂

3. Suraj Venjaranmoodu is going places. “Aradi moolam, pokkam nakshatram” is part of the local lingua now. He has the crowd in splits throughout the first half.


1. Its really short. Pathmakumar deserves credit and THANKS! for this.

2. Happy Ending. All of us were happy it ended.



1. The script is pretty loose. It offers nothing new except for the settings and the awesome camera work. The story is predictable, stale. Something like Devasuram + Balettan = Madambi.

2. The climax is pukable, despicable and outright “rejectable”. Bad bad climax.


1. Mammooty wasted! I had to watch Big B twice to get over this colossal waste of a great superstar. There is no evil, no darkness, nothing about Mammooty to remember. Even comparing Parunthu Purushu to the cold style of Bilal in Big B is sacrilegious. Even Roudram for that matter!

2. There is no story, no style. Some scenes here and there, some pathetic action sequences and 3rd rate melodrama which doesn’t fit anywhere. And Mammooty should STOP dancing!

3. Dialogues – as childish as it could get. Hanifa and Jayasuriya talk like 2 nd standard kids. Mammooty doesn’t even have a single remarkable dialogue.

4. The script – T A Razak should stop writing scripts if this is what he can do to one of Malayalam’s most promising directors and the undisputable No 2 actor 🙂

Verdict: Madambi wins handsdown. Call it a block buster despite a loose story line and a depiction which incites Deja Vu. I dont think they have spent much dough on Parunthu, so it will surely break even. But other than that if you want to choose between any of the new releases, go for Madambi (provided you have watched Jaane Tu, Dark Knight and Hancock).

Given the fact that there are no major line ups for Onam and Ramzan falls on Oct 1, Madambi might as well do a 100 days in Trivandrum and Kochi. Parunthu might leave A class centres before Annan Thampi (which is still running to 50% occupancy). The much hyped star war is settled for now, till Ramzan releases hits theatres its Mohanlal.

P.S:  Kamaluddin Mohammed, director of the latest non-Superstar flick Minnaminnikoottam alleged that its the superstars’ fans who are destroying Malayalam cinema. It seems there is a covert attempt to make his movie a flop, which it eventually is. I see a greater disconnect here. Kamal’s movie flopping is pretty much like some people dying – there is nothing left to die. There is an even bigger disconnect when the movie’s poster says “Maanikunjum Rosemaryum Kalakki” and the matinee crowd coming out saying “Maanikunjum Rosemaryum Ulathi”. This indeed is the problem with all major directors in Malayalam – DISCONNECT. And Kamal’s disconnect started the day he made “Niram”

P.P.S: Saving grace – Jaane Tu! Go watch it, if you haven’t

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  1. Payyan July 29, 2008 at 2:32 pm

    …undisputable No 2 actor…

    couldnt agree more… 😀 boy u know ur cinema… 😉

  2. scorpiogenius July 29, 2008 at 3:53 pm

    mmmm…believe it or not, this is the first time I’m fully reading a film review here in blog-world; just bcoz I wanted to know if at least this Lal flick had something…

    Well, I must say I’d take your word and keep away from it:), I’ve lost interest in the ordinary.

    Well, about Kamal I’m happy to hear the minnaminni-movie bursting.. Kamal must do what he is good at, and not roam around campuses and white collar films.

  3. Nikhil Narayanan July 30, 2008 at 1:19 am


    I am yet to watch either of the movies, am I am sure I will not be able to catch Parunth in a theatre 😉 Madambi, I am sure I can watch in Trivandrum after 2 weeks.

    “undisputable No 2 actor “- I liked this one a lot.

    Some food for thought: Not sure if someone had subjected you to torture like “Parayaam”
    The script writers seem to live in some “Mayalokam” and believe that sms,mobile,google,internet,download,software,engineering are some of the must use keywords in a campus-ish movie.
    This is what happens when script writers don’t know the real world/audience.

    Jaane Tu is a fun movie to watch, me too liked.

    If you really want to watch some stupid idiotic moronic micro IQ script writing and direction Parayaam is the movie for you. Your brains will go numb.

    Check this on Madambi v/s Parunth, I am sure you have seen this


  4. BVN July 31, 2008 at 8:34 am

    Payyan, Innocent says in ‘Madambi’ that the first ten places are taken by one person – you know who 🙂

    Scorpio, Madambi is okyish – you can watch it 🙂

    Nikhil, hey that link is new for me, cool but 🙂 Why “Parayam”, I have the 2nd CD of Ramu ki Aag just in case I want to watch a bad movie:)

  5. seby August 1, 2008 at 7:06 am

    undisputable No 2 actor….athu kalakki
    has about 5 kilos of Trans fat on his face,…
    haha kidu…

    both lal and mamooty has to do films with new and fresh sotryline.They can copy from holywood flicks

  6. Ajay Prasad August 2, 2008 at 10:11 am

    Dark Knight….Dark Knight….Dark Knight…. that’s what you should be seeing. Forget the bad Lal flick and the even worser Mammootty one.

    Unfortunately, they seem to have forgotten about releasing it in Cochin, which seems to screen good English as an afterthought these days.

    In Trivandrum, it ran to packed houses for two weeks, but then was abruptly booted in favour of “Kuchelan” – possibly the movie which will set a record for the biggest grossing cameo role of all time.

    Hopefully, Batman should be back after the premiere of the Rajni flick! Cheers!

  7. rana david August 7, 2008 at 7:03 am

    madambi super annaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. ratheesh.adoor August 8, 2008 at 7:31 am

    madambi panathinu methe parakunnu

  9. Sreeraj August 28, 2008 at 2:54 am

    Madambi was good movie… I liked it… rather all the elder bros will like it… I didn’t get a chance to watch Paruntu as it was already gone from all the theaters of my home town (TSR).. any way LALETTAN ROCKSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Neeraj September 18, 2008 at 12:03 am

    Hoo..Heard mammotty works wit T.A rasaaq in his next movie mayabasar…Whn he goin 2 change dis useless scriptwriter…Sure..He wil rethink aft the performance of mayabasar in theatres…

  11. arun September 27, 2008 at 10:59 am

    madambi supeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

  12. Akku October 8, 2008 at 11:43 am

    I saw both madambi and parunthu.

    But I felt sorry for madambi b’cos there was nothing so special in that movie.It was like a tipical mohanlal movie,like balettan.

    Talking about paruthu,the charector of mammoty is different than all the charectors he had attemted.

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