Obama Nobel

//Obama Nobel

Obama Nobel

One can be too cynical about the Bambi Nobel, but if there is one person who has changed the “mood” of the world in such a short period of time, from bringing the world back to multi-nationalism, cutting nuclear arsenal, asserting the main street over all the wall streets, committing to climate change, changing G8 to G20, taking a stand on torture, net neutrality, doing away with the missile shield, and talking to Iran after 30 years, it is Bambi.


Then about tangible results, Al Gore Nobel was not because he closed the ozone gap, Rabin Nobel was not because he ended the Mid-east conflict, Yunus Nobel was not because he ended poverty in Bangladesh, Elbaradei Nobel was not because there is no nuclear weapon left in the world. Give it a shot when history is changing.

Here’s to Bambi, and a world at peace with itself!

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  1. scorpiogenius October 9, 2009 at 1:50 pm

    I’ve no complaints. He is genuine and THE best ever president of the US of A. Please dont argue 😉

    PS: Nice layout man, good work. And good to see you back on blogspace.

  2. Girish Warrier October 13, 2009 at 11:14 pm

    Isn’t that right! Great piece – short and sweet. Nice to see one refreshing take on this.

  3. Kiran October 19, 2009 at 3:45 am

    from bringing the world back to multi-nationalism,

    Agree to some extent, but its not about giving speeches in prague or in cairo, rather implementing the same. Yes its a ray and new positive hope, but still lot more to be done and there should be a concrete plan to be developed.

    cutting nuclear arsenal,

    My question is why dont United States sign on NPT b4 asking the other countries to go ahead and sign on the same.? Has they ever came publicly about how many nuclear war heads and missiles they have and what they r gonna do it within next couple of years?

    Why cant US support for a permanent seat to India in UNSC?

    asserting the main street over all the wall streets,

    committing to climate change,

    again to the same old point,everything on the paper and the speech looks very awesome, but as US blames in International media that India is not supporting or cooperating the Climate deal, rather whats the US stand till date? with just 5% of global population United states contributes 22% of GHG after china which tops at 23% GHG emissions.

    There was not even a concrete plan till date, in G8 at Italy nor even at the UN or G20 in Pittsburgh.Rather US is the one which gonna be a hindrance in getting a deal which is ideal for the world.

    changing G8 to G20,

    They claim that its just only 20 countries which contribute 85 % of GDP. Come on, Give it a break.. where are the rest 150 odd countries in the world. Where did they go? Its just 20 countries are rising and US some how or the other wants to play a role in their Economies and want to keep it at distance in reaching their supreme glboal power stature.

    taking a stand on torture,

    This is literally an Inside story? How many ppl literally in Afghan and Iraq are still suffering.. both the civilians as well as the US/NATO Soliders.? rem he has agreed for extra 14000 troops the next day he was announced a Peace Prize by NObel committee..

    net neutrality, doing away with the missile shield, and

    talking to Iran after 30 years,

    Talking to Iran ???? LOLLLLL… Just observe the State Secretary Hillary’s agenda in each and every state Visit she is having these days, the Major Agenda on the top of the list is Iran Iran and Iran…

    What a agressive statement which was delivered by Obama,Nicolas b4 the start of G20 summit..?? Do you call it a talk..?

    When IAEA Chief claims there is nothing odd going on with Iran, US is following the same old story which it did with Iraq.

    Yunus Nobel was not because he ended poverty in Bangladesh

    He Transformed the way people do business and created a change in the world. Remember its not a Ray of Hope, Its a Positive change which dramatically changed many people’s lives.

    Elbaradei Nobel was not because there is no nuclear weapon left in the world.

    I dont say he has transformed or rooted out the Nuclear weapons, but he has brought a positive change in the way countries look upon Nuke Weapons. He did change a lot, radically and there was a change in Nations thinkings.

  4. bvn October 19, 2009 at 11:21 am


    First of all, Alfred Nobel made money with the dynamite, and the Nobel has so much blood on it. So let’s not give the Nobel prize more credibility than it deserves. Obama is far important than the Nobel prize, and I feel the prize is the worst thing he hoped against.

    Then again,we live in a world where the US is the only superpower. It is also the greatest empire the planet has ever seen. And atleast in the next fifty years, there is no serious challenge to its position. You can argue against it, but then you are arguing in vain. So like all empires, US looks inside rather than outside. Like in the sub-continent, we don’t really look at how the cultural scene is in Bangladesh is, do we? And say if Nepal starts developing a nuclear program, will India first stop all its nuclear programs and then ask Nepal to ‘please do the same’, or will we just cut off supplies to Nepal. Will we talk to them for years or will be sent in the rifles? Being the first country in the world to bomb its own people, I have a feel of how India will react when it gets angry.

    The same applies for the US too, and it wouldn’t be an extreme argument to suggest that whatever peace we have in the world is to a large extent dependent on the goodness of the American people.

    What Obama has done through his campaign is to bring US out of this looking inside and bomb the rest frame of mind. Starting with the recession, he has looked for global solutions rather than imposing the opinions of US on others. The US can do that – Bush did it. Bush did invade Iraq against the desire of the rest of the world, and no one country had the spine to counter it. Talking about results – North Korea is back in discussions, Iran has accepted UN inspections, the economy is out of the woods, the Missile shield is gone, Russia is aligned on Iran – and this guy is in office for just around 9 months.

    Personally, I think Iran is a great country doing stupid things. But thats a personal opinion because I find it difficult having a conversation with a guy who shouts all the time. If this was Sri Lanka, I would have asked our Southern Air Command to take Colombo out.

    Then about all 150 nations and creating a G150 etc, and many other rants you know those things dont deserve a reply.

  5. Kiran October 19, 2009 at 8:36 pm

    Hi Dear

    I do agree that US is a supereme power.. no doubt about it. Of course, a Nation with such a supereme stature would be able to do anything and everything… again a debatabale topic.. But still, there is lots more to be done dude… Let me tell you… US is a country which has no history and has come all the way frm past 250 years when it attained independence. We (Indians) should be proud of selves coz we were able to attain something in very shorter span of time and in the process of achieving it.. Of course there are lot of issues to be adderessed as depicted in your other essay… My whole point here is, Being a Supreme Power doesnt mean that US should and could do anything in the world, If its positive its for damn good, but remember the Financial Crisis emerged coz of US, coz of the Consumerism over there, Non Regulation of Banks and Finanical Institutions etc.

    And coming to the Peace argument, Its the one and only country till date who has used its Nuke Weapons in the World. Created Taliban to curb the Insurgency of Russians and Now fighting against them. What’s the Mistake of the Innocent Civilans in Iraq for them to Deserve such a Pathetic Situation now.? Why should more than 30,000 innocent Afghans be killed in Afghan and people left with nothing? Why cant they stop supporting Israel and be a True Leader in Middle East Talks?

    See, I am not against US.. I used to be a Diehardcore fan of United states and I adore US now. But do you know the difference between have’s and have not’s were created by them? US wastes 1.5 billion Tonnes of Food Annually (This is the Exact Figure) and close to 1 lakh people die of Obesity and People in South Africa fight for a single square meal a day.US spends 55 Billion $ in Exchange of Gifts each and every year.The amount of the garbage they dump in to the Third world Countries need not be explained.

    As far as the Economic Scenario you mentioned, US ows China 1.2 trillion $ as a deficit. I dont think US could have imposed some Restriction on Finances during Recession when People on the other side of the world are thinking of scrapping a Dollar and bringing a Unifrom currency across globe.

    Again, as I debated in other forums, I would have been much more happier if Obama would have received Nobel say in 2012 or 2013 with tangible results rather for a ray of hope in 2009.

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