December 2008


By | 2008-12-23T12:50:58-05:00 December 23rd, 2008|India|

Who will win if India and Pakistan goes to war? Detailed analysis here It seems in case of a conventional war India has an advantage, and would probably make some [...]

November 2008

We will not forget?

By | 2008-11-27T09:19:04-05:00 November 27th, 2008|India|

When we say ‘We will not forget’, isn’t there a tiredness to the tone? Hasn’t the below list grown a little too long to remember? And we are not shaken, [...]

September 2008

July 2008

March 2008

A Cure for Insomnia

By | 2010-12-08T19:01:30-05:00 March 1st, 2008|India|

Its that long. Title dedicated to the world’s longest movie The Cure for Insomnia We write poems, short stories, essays and blogposts to interrupt the programme. We sign online petitions [...]

February 2008

Mumbai,India and all

By | 2008-02-08T03:47:41-05:00 February 8th, 2008|India|

Talkies Mumbai correspondent :) BombayDosti writes in from somewhere near Mumbai, on Raj and what could possibly be wrong with the Indian Raj.  The debate is now about how many [...]

December 2007

Who needs to be educated?

By | 2007-12-05T13:03:18-05:00 December 5th, 2007|India, Kerala|

Sohrabuddin was killed in a fake encounter,said the CBI and the Supreme Court. With Gujarat Elections around the corner Modi put it this way, as NDTV reported Modi asked the [...]

September 2007

Indi YO!

By | 2007-09-25T05:48:39-05:00 September 25th, 2007|India|

Gautam Gambhir Robin Uthappa Yuvraj Singh Mahendra Singh Dhoni Rohit Sharma Yusuf Pathan Irfan Pathan Joginder Sharma Harbhajan Singh S Sreesanth RP Singh  In the end, the swagger of youth [...]

Terror capital of India?

By | 2007-09-08T12:40:09-05:00 September 7th, 2007|India, Papa Bear|

“We are proud of our MLAs as Taslima Nasrin needs the harshest punishment for her writings against Islam. The next time she comes to Hyderabad, we will implement the fatwa [...]

August 2007

My country is a house of wine

By | 2007-08-14T06:36:54-05:00 August 13th, 2007|India|

There is a Himalayan press Where wine is oozing from the snow; Deep rivers serve as Saki-girls; With wave-trough cups abrim they flow; Their banks are hands with which they [...]

the Big Retail dilemma

By | 2008-02-08T03:54:44-05:00 August 1st, 2007|India|

He is a happy man. My friend’s wife is pregnant. But the other day, he was cribbing about shortage of apples in Kochi. He says the big red ones, the [...]