Sohrabuddin was killed in a fake encounter,said the CBI and the Supreme Court. With Gujarat Elections around the corner Modi put it this way, as NDTV reported

Modi asked the crowd, ”What should be done to a man who stored illegal arms and ammunition? You tell me what should have been done to Sohrabuddin?”

The crowd replied, ”Kill him, kill him”.

”Well, that is it. Do I have to take Sonia Gandhi’s permission to do this? Hang me if I have done anything wrong,” responded Modi.

Modi will possibly lose the elections, probably will not. But what do we do with the crowd. Isn’t that the real problem in Gujarat? Are we afraid to say that? I mean, face the horror?

In a completely unrelated development widely reported by almost all Malayalam dailies, Archbishop Joseph Mar Powathil has asked Christians in Kerala to send their children to Christian schools (read church run schools). I hope the Bishop hasn’t said this, else atleast he withdraws the remark. I’m not sure whether self respecting Hindus and Muslims in Kerala should stop sending their children to Christian schools. There is a limit to which the majority community will ignore the pastoral letters. After that don’t ask how Modis are created, because you are creating a crowd for him every sunday.

Otherwise lets go ahead and segregate schools for the Muslims, Christians, Nairs and Ezhavas. Then probably Kerala will reach that level Vivekananda once warned of in the near future.