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The Diameter of the Bomb

The Diameter of the Bomb¬† – Yehudi Amichai The diameter of the bomb was thirty centimeters and the diameter of its effective range about seven meters, with four dead and eleven wounded. And around these, in a larger circle of pain and time, two hospitals are scattered and one graveyard. But the young woman who […]

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Madambi Vs Parunthu – Review!

“Madambi” and “Parunthu” should go together, for the sheer hype and controversy around these movies, the two superstars playing moneylenders, almost the same cast, and the fact that both the movies deliver nothing new.¬† I’d watched “Madambi” and “Parunthu” almost back to back a week back, but then both the movies dont live upto even […]

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Iruvar – Kanmaniye…

¬†Vairamuthu’s gem from Mani Ratnam’s Iruvar. Voice Over by Aravind Swamy. Unnoadu naan irundha ovvoru maNi thuLiyum maraNa padukkayilum maRakkaadhu kaNmaNiyae 90 nimidangaL thottaNaitha kaalamdhaan 800 aaNdugaLaai idhayathil ganakkudhadi paarvayile sila nimidam bayathoadu sila nimidam katti aNaithapadi kaNNeeril sila nimidam ilakkaName paaraamal ella idangaLilum muththangaL vidaiththa mogathiL sila nimidam Unnoadu naan irundha ovvoru maNi thuLiyum […]

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Manmohan’s methods

When Manmohan Singh moves the one-line confidence motion on July 21st, the Indian Parliament will be finally voting for the Nuclear Deal, thanks to the Left parties. But after disregarding and devaluing the Parliament on the nuclear deal for almost a year now, Manmohan has finally created value. One Lok Sabha MP in India is […]

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Eventhough that time has come

Dear Shri Pranab Mukherjee, ….that time has come – Signed: Prakash Karat, A B Bardhan, Debabrata Biswas, T J Chandrachoodan – and a few of us sighed and others, Good Riddance! said the TOI editorial, Lal Salaam! said Bloody Mary and, in the mayhem added that airports must be privatized. I dont know why Sagarika […]

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Walking around home

The girl next door has a rabbit now, she says there’s male and female in rabbits, so funny right? I thought there were only cute rabbits. The girl says they run fast too. Ok fine! but my tortoise finally wins. Moth? Butterfly? you can call it unidentified flying object, I call it “jeevi”. The wood […]

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Fontainebleau and Downtown Calcutta

You want me to take initiative. You want me to cooperate, voluntarily, with others around me. You want me to learn continuously and bring the benefits of that learning to my work, to my job, to the company, to its success. How do we get into those behaviors if around me it is the smell […]

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