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The Best Cigarette

Smoking used to be sexy, it used to be a sign of that creative energy symbolized by Albert Camus and Hemingway and Picasso and Guru Dutt and MT Vasudevan Nair and a thousand other literary geniuses. Smoking isn’t sexy anymore. Cigarette smokers are outcasts in almost all walks of life.

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Prithviraj :)

Another one Guess Prithvi speaks a little more than needed. httpv://   This is too funny not to post. More Videos.

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Pirate Latitudes and Superfreakonomics

I guess the most awaited books of the year. Pre-ordered both on Amazon. Michael Crichton was my first favourite author. If Great Train Robbery and Eaters of the dead are any indicators, Crichton does period dramas with elan. Pirate Latitudes was discovered as a complete manuscript in his files after his death in 2008. The […]

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Michael Crichton

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Michael Crichton was my first favourite authour. Crichton showed us that science could be so much drama, beating Asimov in his own game. Crichton reintroduced dinosaurs, now we know that Tryannosaurus Rex is bad, but Velociraptors are even bad. Talk about creating fear from a handful of dust, Crichton creates fear from a Nano particle. […]

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Old man’s Papa

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I kept looking looking for symbolism in Fiesta. Didn’t really get what it was all about, like I told you. This Time magazine article from December 1954 explains Papa Hemingway a bit, the writer and the heman. Good read, Essential Hemingway John Donne provided Hemingway with the title of For Whom the Bell Tolls. “No man […]

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Watching words

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In his poem, “So That You Will Hear Me,” Pablo Neruda evokes the frustration of using language that resists translation. His words, which have been tailored in relation to himself, cannot illustrate his mind as he sees and feels it. But they will try anyway: “And I watch my words from a long way off.before […]

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The Inheritance of loss

“In India you get up in the morning and there are ten people there to greet you and to discuss how you slept. Or you can call up someone and tell them how you’re feeling and what you dreamt about.” “You miss out on knowing one culture profoundly and deeply and this does mean you’re […]

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In the line of fire

Pakistan’s self appointed Head of state and erstwhile coup leader Pervez Musharraf has released his autobiography ‘In the Line of Fire’.Key excerpts from the book has been published by BBC, Khaleej Times,NDTV,Pakistani Dawn,Jang and Guardian. I feel a few things he has said might be funny – like toppling a democratically elected government or mowing […]

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