Michael Crichton was my first favourite authour.

Crichton showed us that science could be so much drama, beating Asimov in his own game.

sof.jpgCrichton reintroduced dinosaurs, now we know that Tryannosaurus Rex is bad, but Velociraptors are even bad.prey.jpg

Talk about creating fear from a handful of dust, Crichton creates fear from a Nano particle.

Crichton married five times. Initially I was shocked to hear that, then I realized that if you have serious talent, you can get away with anything.

Chaos theory! Jurassic Park! Have you read The Great Train Robbery?train.jpg

andro.jpgCrichton’s novels were fast paced, opinionated – can you believe the reader will have an opinion on genetic research, global warming, nano technology, syphillis after reading Crichton.

Crichton spoke against ‘Global Warming’ and ‘ills of passive smoking’ activism – he said their facts were skewed. They said the same about him.

I used to spell Crichton – Chriton. eatdead.jpg

I have read all his books, almost.

Michael Crichton died yesterday of cancer, he was my first favourite authour