We had a tree infront of our house .It stood by the lake both day and night . I used to sit around in the balcony for hours without noticing the tree , I’m not sure if the tree noticed me anytime . It blocked my view of the park on the other side of the lake – other than that we didnt have any complaints about each other .

It rains heavily in florida , almost everyday . I have often wondered what ducks and frogs do when it rains , but I never thought about the tree . I’m not sure if the tree ever thought about what I’m doing in the rain.

When the big hurricane hit us last year , the tree lost most of its branches even before the eye of the storm arrived . We lost most of our house within an hour . I sure felt sorry for the tree but we had bigger issues like saving our lives to deal with.

Our house was back after a few weeks . I was back on the balcony and the white storks and ducks were back on the tree . Life was back on its boring track.

One day afternoon I was working from home,was on a boring call and was about to doze off when it started raining outside . I noticed the tree had blossomed. They say the saddest sight in the world is a train standing in the rain , I would say what I saw that afternoon was one of the prettiest.

I have a good camera , but I’m a bad photographer. The view from my balcony that day was heavenly but I never did justice to that with my snaps .

Last week they cut the tree . They cut all the trees in preparation for another atlantic hurricane season . Tonight only the stump remains ,they’ll remove the stump tommorrow . After that grass will grow over the spot where the tree stood .

I never treasured the tree , never noticed it unless I was dying of boredom but somehow I’m going to miss it . I’m not sure if it were the dewdrops that clung on to it every morning or the freshness around it or Everything Else about it . A tree has died and they’ll bury it and fresh grass will grow over where it stood . No big deal . But if it was around maybe our lives would have been a little better , a little less dark .

We meet new people everyday , new friendships bloom , we have our good and bad times and sometimes in between we lose some people .They just go ; and grass grow over where we once stood – together . Despite the separation we really dont lose each other , we carry them around in thoughts,dreams and rainy afternoons . Maybe its just the presence that is missing ,our roots are still entwined . Maybe the world has not grown enough for good people to miss each other for long. Water Bubble !