A Red wave has swept across Kerala,the left front has swept back to power in the state with an emphatic record breaking victory.As counting of votes reach the last lap,the writing on the wall is clear and is very red in colour.

Across the state stalwarts of the outgoing government are facing defeat.Muslim league is facing defeat in all its bastions,fallen include its general secretary P.K.Kunhalikutty.The three top leaders of league Kunhalikutty,Muneer and Basheer have been defeated at home.Eleven time winner Gauriamma has been defeated,Balkrishna pillai,Murali and around fifteen ministers have lost,M V Raghavan and T M Jacob have been defeated.It is as if Keralites have chased and defeated the bad apples.In the southern districts Congress party has been wiped out,forts have fallen across the cochin belt and in Malabar,muslim league is facing its worst nightmare – malappuram the league fort has turned red.

The final seats will be available later in the day and the new Chief Minister will be decided.It is a great day for the progressive,secular forces in the state,adding to the euphoria is the left front’s seventh consecutive victory in West Bengal with another record majority.It appears the Kerala voter has swayed leftward and democracy has come home after a short break.

It is a night to celebrate democracy.

Good Night and Good Luck !