I came to Vayalar with the first red rays of the morning – to meet you.

Those old days – days of commitment and sincerity,
in Cherthala when blood spread over the mud and loose sand.
When the flag was as red as blood, days of the martyrs.

I came looking for you on one of those days.
Amma served us rice porridge on that wooden patio
with the smell of flowers and snakes all around.
We ambled along those sandy lake shores.

One night Kalavamkodu Balakrishnan joined us – NSP Panicker too.
That night we wrenched out and broke one stupid idol
that stood by the algae filled green pond.

Years went by…..
You became the anthem of this land, our pride, our intoxication, our rythm.

Finally when you said ‘so long’ …..
those idols which never cried and we who only cried
– wept and wept for you.

You are the pride of this beautiful land, you’ll always be.

You’ll never die !!

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