“Aaj ka launda yeh kehta hum to bismil thak gaye
Apni aazaadi to bhaiya laundiya ke dil mein hai”

Despite the gravest agrarian crisis in recent decades, the most striking consumer price rises in the whole of developing and developed world, the most potent uprising against India till date in Kashmir, and the worst natural disaster in recent history killing thousands in our neighborhood, it may not be an August to remember. But I hope we remember that there are things still worth celebrating.
Yet the biggest let down of the day was the Prime Minister’s speech. Every time I hear Manmohan speak, I lose faith in democracy. He speaks like a person who has no stake in what happens in India, forget the fact that his speeches are as some one called “Butt-numbingly” boring. Boring isn’t just the only problem but he clearly eluded the core issues of public distribution, price rise, and made a quarter-hearted plea to the naxals – which forget the naxals, cannot even bring my angry four year old cousin to table for talks.
The most glaring disconnect in Manmohan’s speech was the plan to create jobs for Kashmiris. Atal Bihari Vajpayee would have never said that. Even after the 7 continuous speeches from Red Fort, does Manmohan and his chelas still believe that Kashmiris are giving up there lives every single day facing Indian Army bullets for jobs? My Prime Minister would have apologized to the people of Kashmir. Even Vajpayee probably would have. Independence day would have been much better without Manmohan’s miserable speech.

In other news, one of the largest natural disasters in recent years is unfolding in Pakistan, with one fifth of the country under water. As UN calls it “fortnight-long flooding of the country as a calamity graver than the three biggest natural disasters of this century put together – the tsunami of 2004, the earthquake in Pakistan of 2005 and the Haiti quake this year.” The disaster has been completely shelved by the Indian media, but what surprised anybody following the issue was Krishna’s phone call to Qureshi offering “5 million dollars” in aid. Unconfirmed reports say, he also offered three kg basmati rise and two goats to the flood victims to make biriyani during Ramzan. Qureshi must have been taken aback, that he didn’t respond to the offer. But unconfirmed reports say the Govt. of Pakistan send an official sms to Govt. of India. The sms read “Fuck Off!”.
There will be a large majority of people who still don’t understand why we should be helping Pakistan.¬†There isn’t a better way to summarize the country’s malaise under “Manmohanomics” than by these lines from Piyush Mishra in Gulal.
sarfaroshi ki tamannaa ab hamaare dil mein hai.
dekhnaa hai zor kitnaa baazuve kaatil mein hai
waqt aane pe bataadenge tujhe ae aasmaan
hum abhi se kyaa bataaye kyaa hamaare dil mein hai
o re bismil kaash aate aaj tum hindustaan
dekhte ki mulk saara kyaa tashan kyaa chill mein hai
aaj kaa laundaa yeh kehtaa hum to bismil thak gaye
apni aazaadi to bhaiyaa laundiyaa ke til mein hai.
aaj ke jalson mein bismil ek gungaa gaa raha.
aur behron kaa wo relaa naachtaa mehfil mein hai
haath ki khaadi banaane kaa zamaana lag gayaa
aaj to chaddi bhi silti englison ki mill mein hai
dekhna hai zor kitnaa baazuve kaatil mein hai
waqt aane pe bataadenge tujhe ae aasmaan
hum abhi se kyaa bataaye kyaa hamaare dil mein hai
sarfaroshi ki tamannaa ab hamaare dil mein hai.

P.S: Peepli Live is one of the best movies in recent years. Go watch it! Happy 63rd