Neermathalam has tagged me. He’s promised to give his sexy username to me if i do this tag – not that I’ll use it – I’ll preserve it for posterity. Jus kiddin dude 🙂

Well the tag is simple -eight things I like or dislike abt moiself. Oh thats tough !!

and here I go blah blah black sheep have you any wool……

I like me – sometimes I like me so much that I wish senate passes that human-cloning bill. Its just that I get a bit too comfy with myself.

I’m non-venomous – I do have disagreements and sure make fun of people but it comes by nature to me that I dont get personal and I dont answer personal criticism. Its just that I dont hit below the belt.

I’m not a revolutionary – I’m not out here to prove anything though I like anarchy a lot and comment a lot on the life I see ,though my comments are not intended to change it. Its just that I come out of Watterson’s Calvin and Laxman’s Common man.

I’m highly brainwashable – I’ll fall at your feet and accept your holiness if you have a point,often contradicting my stand till then – me the arch turncoat. Its just that I have the lightest mind in town after all this washing.

I’m a timid extrovert – I’m pretty jolly but do keep some secrets, but then I’ve lost a few battles. Its just that some of my best friends dont know my name.

I’m superstitious – I think there is a Distilled Gogilba galaxy with a Dondalavan subsytem and all the gandharvas and pirates and supermen and elephant head gods live in it. Its just that I think communism is still our best bet.

I’m vague – I live in a esoteric hell with metaphors for words and a stinking commitment-o- phobia for their meanings – I’m repulsive to intimacy,oh the same place Dante warned you about; and some say I respect their personal space and some others say I’m a sonofabitch. Its just that I’m a poor pisces man.

I’m sorry – I dont keep in touch with people I adore, God !,only you know how bad I feel about that , but then I’m a lazy cocoonist. Its just that my friends forgive me and thats why I adore them.

thats about it and faster than I thought 🙂

and about tagging others – this blog has a total of six readers who come and go. Four of them dont have blogs, one that has a blog has an altogether different format and I’ll surely ask the last one standing to take this up.

Suggested read : Your feudal Lord – my autobiography (out of print)

Suggested rythm : Kashmir – Led Zeppelin (this song is killing me)