After almost twenty five years of indecision and stupid choices, TIME has finally decided to confer its Person of the Year title on me. Though it came a bit too late, I was overjoyed when the magazine finally reached my mail with the good news and a mirror stuck on the LCD screen as you see in the picture. I thank the Editorial board for the honour. In Public I’ll continue to maintain “WHY ME ? there are so many other more talented people” while in Private I know “WHO ELSE !!”. In case you are jealous by now, you can BURN, while Gandhi, Mandela, Bono, me and Bush will be partying at the winners ball at Miami tonight….hehe

Jokes apart, 2006 has been our year. Its the year of those people who after a days work, decided to skip a movie and write a blog, comment on a blog, upload a video, create a playlist on itunes, write a review on Amazon. Just for the heck of it, just like that !

Its a big thank you to all of you out there, who read my stuff and whose stuff I read and watch. I have learnt and experienced the most in 2006 than any other year. Its a humbling experience or so to say. As a token of my appreciation, I’m sharing the Person of the Year title with you guys, Love you all 🙂

The changes we brought about are mind blowing, call it WEB 2.0 or something else, its a revolution in the making. Just imagine the amount of time we have spend on blogs and YouTube and GoogleVideos this year, with no billing and no money involved. Just imagine how much you have contributed to information and opinion in the world wide web, on Wicki, in Flickr, in Yahoo Answers, in the comments section of Ibn and Guardian Blogs. Nobody paid you or millions of others who contributed and collaborated. Assuming 99% of human beings are good people, its any body’s guess how we are gonna change this world from now.

Saddam, the guy with that nice mustache was hanged yesterday and US death toll in Iraq reached 3000 today. Though the blogger is smug faced about the happenings in Iraq
* My Hero has warned that , if I oppose him, he’ll “liberate” this blog and bring democracy here, like he did in Iraq* because I would rather save my dictatorship in this blog, the impact of an amateur video that came out yesterday in Google Videos is mind blowing. It showcases the new found power of YOUR media over mass media.

Find the video here, Saddam Hanging Video

Its been a great year and one that holds a lot of promise for years to come and its YOU who made all the difference. So guess its Goodbye with lots of love to 2006.

Current Track : Sometimes you can’t make it on your own, U2

Have a great 2007 !