“Tell me” the Prophet said “whats the matter with you”

“While my soul swells with pain and anticipation” He said “while an ocean of lust roars in the corner of her eyes…”

“Stop it ! you rascal” the Prophet thundered

“Oops !” he said

“Don’t give me bullshit” said the Prophet

“Ooops !” he said ” I dragged on, tired and defeated. I walked towards some corner of darkness, wailing. Towards darkness”

The Prophet eased up a little and gave a tender smile.

“What is your name?” the Prophet asked

“Character”, he said

“Don’t you know how to speak properly, you poor sonofabitch” the Prophet asked

“I do sir” he said “but my master wouldn’t allow me to do that”

“Master ? who is that sonofabitch ?”

“The Writer”, he said

The Prophet was thoughtful for a while

“Oh well…” the Prophet added “but I don’t want to see your face in this village anymore, especially near that school where kids learn reading and writing. Now get lost !”

The Character, with a hurting soul and a weeping heart dragged himself into the confines of some chapter in some book.

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Suggested rhythm : “Salt of the earth”, Rolling Stones