Its been a very busy weekend. The skit script is trickling in slowly – but do we kill Muthaliar or not, thats the nerve wracking question, then the cricket finals – Builder’s team won but Abrupt has claimed his place in Wisden glory, Ad Mad – oh ! everybody is mad, Dumb Charades – FYI there is a hindi movie called ‘Baaz Bahadur’ *WTF* we lost. Builder bought some twenty watches, fifty perfumes and one white gold ring hehe. Then, yeah Clevelander on the beach.

Jumbo shrimp 12 $
Garlic Fries 48$
Miami Vice 12$
Rum Runner 10$
Collada 12$
Mojitos 80$
Tequila Shots 60$
Cuban Cigar 18$

Five wide-eyed ‘trippers’ lost in Miami beach building sand castles at three in the morning, shaking hands underground when the tunnels meet – Priceless
Four drunk fuckers bidding farewell to the fifth drunk fucker – Poignant

Well,Builder is leaving. He’ll be in his snowy village somewhere in the Himalayas sipping tea and muckraking with other Yatis (snow man according to me, Van manush or forest man according to Soni) and hunting down Yak in packs of twenty four. It will be fun. For the very few of us who are still here, coffee breaks will be a little odd , two years went so fast; and my room, guess will be half empty. The blogger will *atleast temporarily* escape the outrage hovering around the threat of Chinese invasion *btw Builder is Chinese though he says he’s not* everytime a ‘controversial’ post comes here. And sure will miss Builder’s occasional “what the fuck have you written”.

thats enough for another page in the diary, so guess its Goodbye for now.