Updates  and book marks from the last day – (find your Fucking Polling Place here and vote Obama)


Electoral college Vs Popular Vote confusion. Guess which US Prez won just 39.8% of popular vote.

“He was the luckiest man to run for president: He won with only 39.8 percent of the popular votes cast — the smallest percentage ever recorded. He had no help from his running mate: he only met his vice president Hannibal Hamlin on Election Day. How did Abra­ham Lincoln manage to win?

“The remaining 60.2 percent was split among three other candidates: Stephen A. Douglas (29 percent), John C. Breckenridge (18 percent), and John Bell (13 per­cent) . Had it not been for the presence of two ‘third-party’ candidates — Breckenridge and Bell — Lincoln might not have been elected. (In that year there were four candidates because each of the two parties had nominated an upstart South­ern candidate as well as an official North­ern one.) Says the historian Jay Winik: Lincoln’s victory ‘was in many ways a fluke and nothing more.’

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Interesting stuff on campaign contributions, California contributes most to both campaigns. 41% of all Obama funds, and 28% of all Romney funds. Obama trails the money game in Florida, and Romney fails in Illinois.

Top Obama contributors are University of California, Microsoft, & Google. Top Romney contributors are Goldman Sachs, B of America,  & Morgan Stanley.





Source: Fox News 


Less than 24 hours to go. Watching Obama attend the last campaign stop in Iowa this hour. Bruce Springsteen on stage.Iowa is where it all started for Obama, and he is ending the last campaign of his political career in Iowa.they said this day would never come…..”



Race is as close as ever, but the other race is pretty interesting as well. If monolithic black vote (approx. 95% vote Obama) is a given, the trend in white votes may spring a surprise tomorrow –

“A POLITICO/George Washington University Battleground Tracking Poll has Romney ahead of President Barack Obama among white voters by 18 points, 57 percent to 39 percent. Gallup showed Romney ahead among whites by 20-plus points this month.”

“that white voters are breaking for Romney beyond what party registration would suggest. Goeas notes that white voters currently back Romney at a level 10-points ahead of their normal vote behavior with a Republican candidate, and that accounts for a full 7 percent shift on the ballot, Obama’s 2008 winning margin.”
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The polls are as close as it gets, and this one would easily go into early Wednesday. NYTimes wonder kid Nate Silver’s last update before the election gives Obama a 92% chance of winning. Wall S treet Journal editors mostly think it will be Romney.

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