It was an year back, almost. I was rummaging through orkut profiles making fun of people and cracking jokes to myself when I came across a web link on my friend’s profile (you know we studied together for sixteen years, so she was as webliterate as I was). Curious and jobless I clicked on it and lo I’m in this new kinda webpage – it did not ask for credit card information anywhere. Her post was on Neruda and maybe thats what set the ball rolling. I realized I had a lot of things to say, a little bit on Neruda, a lot about overthrowing governments and plenty of time at hand too. March being the best month in a software developer’s life cycle with all new initiatives in a sham called ‘Analysis’.

Through further analysis *my mallu ego – as the morons at home accuse – did not allow me to ask my friend directly* I found the blogger site, entered the initial bull, wrote this post and pressed publish. There was a scramble to see what happened where, but the page looked cute. I liked the post too, I was my first publisher and reader. And that was empowering.

The last time I felt so powerful was in an internet cafe near DPI, that was ages back. My friend xyz (not his real name) showed me this thingy called email. He taught me to create a yahoo id with which I could chat to any girl anywhere in the world. He said I could use this id to send ‘letters’ to other people, he also said its free. I did not believe him. So I typed something and send it to my fat friend’s id *he had internet connection at home; his father was a smuggler* and immediately called him and checked. He could actually see the words that I typed in a few minutes back and read it out to me – to confirm, that was awesome and really cool. From the world of floppy disks, here we are – in the world of iphones, without a cure for cancer; and everyone has a blog. I have had one for an year now, and having a blog is cool.