NSA since you are reading this

mind grabbing

a chilled coconut water

from the refrigerator?

In the mean time, as you read

Fukushima continues to spew radiation on to

the Pacific at dangerous levels.

Japanese engineer says all safe

with his second head balanced

on his third hand.

Waiting for Godzilla?


Voyager exited our galaxy in August

Often feel doing the same in office

But there are no mornings in space, tomorrow there, is not a new day

Where does one belong?


Dear Yosemite is burning inside a rim of fire, the ash

may reach San Francisco, it may not.

Fire is only a symptom.

Where are tourists swamping now?


In Egypt, spring is dead a thousand months

In summer they came for the Islamists

In winter they’ll come for the liberals.

When is the night of destiny?


The Tsarists state of Russia let Snowden in,

Putin did not let Bradley Manning in because

Bradley Manning is gay. Sort of.

What’s the per barrel price of oil?


She says she had three quarters

of a chicken sandwich

and threw half the sandwich away.

There is no math in love or war. No question.


Standard and Poor hit a record high

Gold goes up

Gold goes down

Why does the rupee only go down?


A promiscuous Mayor resigned

A shameless Minister hangs on

Kim Jong Un like his father

and grandfather, is nuts.

Didn’t a meteor kill Robert Mugabe‘s entire family

sixty five million years back?


They found Sarin inside

the lungs of a pale dead boy

and another four hundred dead children

and then a thousand men and women

in Damascus. in Syria.

West and the East competes on whodunnit?

No one competes with the dead. That soothing.


Bambi drew a red line

and put himself

in a Damn!ascus. Brits said nay.

French said yay.

Freedom muffins and French Fries now?



Whats left of troy and tiara,

even the English they will pass.

The Commons house in London

passed a resolution proclaiming the Queen-dom’s

twenty first century irrelevance.

Is Gandhi giggling?


India stared at Pakistan

Pakistan returned ice cold stares.

Light reflecting in Siachen glaciers

hurt both their eyes. So is it with war.

This is why they only stare.

War or no war. Karachi is screwed. Thank You.

Inferiority complex?


They discovered an new tribe in deep Amazon.

Worshiping watery mosquito Gods.

I suppose.  I should go to South America.

Uruguay legalized marijuana.

Must go.

When will Holder get there?



Area 51 is real!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

They have alien colonies there.

Lady Gaga is from there.

So is Miley Cyrus.

What exactly is twerking?


Pumpkin spice latte now in Starbucks

in other words

summer is officially over.

Where are all the birds flying off to?