“Today was my last working day in Florida . I’ll be back in offshore after a short vacation.You people have fun as always, and thanks for the watch (it fits pretty well) and everything else.”

mail part is done, cake is done, tickets done….but still so much stuff pending, feel like I’m the laziest bastard in town. No thats Visionary.

so its JFK to Trivandrum via Dubai…..can a mallu ask for more….flying to motherland via holy land 🙂

Visionary wants me to update this space whenever I can log in, me too like the idea of saying stuff like “this is BVN logged in from Burj Al Arab in Dubai….just missed my connection *i hope not*” 6-8 pm


Its 2 PM on East coast, a bright and sunny day in Florida. One hour left for flight to JFK, where as CNN says its frickin snowing. I hate cold climate, but it comes third in my hate list. First is “packing”. Packing sucks big time. I had to do away with so much of my cool stuff. I left the spiderman cup full of pennies,my Chomsky reader,some of my super cool clothes *mainly due to gaping holes in the texture* – but man its super cool. Abrupt says he’ll wipe the toilet floor with my clothes once I leave – thats my worst nightmare – you know shadow kill. Maybe I can put him at number four in the hate list. Naah. Visionary,Abrupt and me had perhaps my last coffee n smoke in continental US outside the airport, cause if its cold in NY, I wont smoke. I hate cold climate. I was selected for special screening by security guys. I was about to invoke Huntington but then they send another white guy as well to the special screening room.Good. Florida has been a great place througout, why to leave with a bad taste. Then again, the screening was pretty cool, the guy kinda massaged me and was pretty courteous too. I’ve maintained throughout that its the society that makes people gay. But its not these tags people give but how comfortable you are with your sexuality – as Shoba De ammayi says. Enough guys, catch you later. I’m logging off from Fort Lauderdale International and you are reading bvndiaries, the most trusted name in blogam *I love the CNN punch line*


NYC. Reached a bit early, guess the pilot took some shortcut. Oh the same old distance displacement joke. Papa bear says temperatures have cooled down in Tvm, its like 29-31 aroundish, which is really nice. This wi fi thing is pretty cool, I just checked out the Vishu releases – Chota Mumbai and Big B. Hope Chota Mumbai blasts through the box office. There was this guy sitting next to me in the flight reading “Alternatives to Sex” by Stephen McCauley. I dont get it – why would a tall,handsome Anglo-Saxon hunk look for alternatives to sex. Loser. Then you wouldn’t believe it, this lady – some executive – on my right was sewing throughout the flight. Frickin sewin man ! WHY ? I mean WHY? I got pissed big time, ate my peanuts and slept. Btw what is this fuss about NRN for President ? Gotta go guys, its 9:30 PM on the eastern sea board. btw Companion book is Madam secretary’s Mighty and Almighty *such a lousy book, such a lousy book* – I’ve crawled through some twenty pages, if you get a chance don’t read it. I’ll touch that book again only if Emirates shows some Mammooty movie – Gotta go. Dubai, I’m coming. Subhanallah !

Its raining here.
Heavily. Occasional thunder. Plain sexy.
I’m closing the window and going back to sleep.
Home 🙂