Raah kaun si jaun main
Chaurahe par luta cheer
Pyade se pit gaya wazir
Chalun aakhri chaal ya
Bazi chod virakti rachaun main

Which way should I go ?
We are stripped at the crossroad
A mere pawn has beaten the minister
Should I make the final thrust
or should I quit the game and renounce it all

Wrote Atal Bihari Vajpayee

The leader of Opposition in Kerala claims VS Achuthanandan is the state’s property, the  party secretary claims he is the “Party’s Asset”. If there is anywhere that the VS Government can go from this euphoric pinnacle is down. It will be upon the chief minister to decide where he wants to leave his imprint on the state’s history, but perhaps a lesson or two from the former Prime Minister who was claimed by everybody – both friend and foe could perhaps do him a little good.