CNN-IBN’s first headline….puke if you want

We don’t want anyone from the list of contenders as President. They all are hardcore politicians and biased towards their party. As a matter of fact, we don’t want any politician as President.

The coming election will be the last one for all the political parties. We need you there to make it happen. Your winning is the key and first step towards another freedom fight to save the democracy

After Gandhi and JP who ? Who will lead India’s third freedom struggle – You Mr Kalam ! You ! All politicians are corrupt, they cant be trusted, we need people like you Mr Kalam. If Gandhi had his non-violence and JP had his social justice, you have Agni and Prithvi Mr Kalam. We need more missiles, dont go Mr Kalam. Please stay !

We were allowed to have political parties formed based on religion, caste and regions, isn’t it unconstitutional? Is it a patriotic thing?

Region based parties are unconstitutional..huh. I wonder why the author’s name is Vishnu Alluri and not Vishnu India. CNN-IBN is a major news portal, when they come up with trash after trash after trash….its that nauseating feeling. No one takes them seriuosly but this was their headline story and children may read it accidently. We need more parental control in India, thats what I feel.