-by Bertolt Brechtlink courtesy : “Quitsmoke” Mokashi

“If sharks were people,” his landlady’s little daughter asked Mr. K, “would they be nicer to little fish?”
“Of course”, he said,”if sharks were people, they would have strong boxes in the sea for little fish. There they would put in all sorts of food, plants and little animals too. They would see to it that the boxes always had fresh water, and they would take absolutely every kind of sanitary measure.

When, for example, a little fish would injure his fin, it would be immediately bandaged so that he would not die on the sharks before his time had come. In order that the little fish would never be sad, there would be big water parties from time to time; for happy fish taste better than sad ones.
Of course,there would be schools in the big boxes as well. There the little fish would learn how to swim into the mouths of the sharks. They would need, for example, geography so that they could find the sharks, lazing around somewhere. The main subject would naturally be the moral education of the little fish.

They would be taught that the grandest, most beautiful thing is for a little fish to offer himself happily, and that they must all believe in the sharks, above all when they say they will provide for a beautiful future. One would let the little fish know that this future is only assured when they learn obedience…they must shy away from all lowly , materialistic& Marxist inclinations , & inform the sharks immediately if any of them betrayed such tendencies . “¦”¦”¦”¦.

If sharks were people , there would of course be art as well .There would be beautiful pictures of sharks teeth as well , all in magnificent colors , of their mouths & throats as pure playgrounds where one can tumble & play . The theaters on the bottom of the sea would offer plays showing heroic little fish swimming enthusiastically down the throats of the sharks, & the music would be so beautiful that its sounds would lead the little fish dreamily to the chapels & , filled with the most pleasant thoughts , they would stream down the sharks’ throats .

There would certainly be religion . “¦. It would teach that true life really begins in the sharks bellies . & if sharks were people , the little fish would stop being, as they are now , equals . Some would be given offices & be put over the others . Those a little bigger would be allowed to eat the smaller ones .

That would only be delightful for the sharks , for then they would more often have bigger crumbs to gobble up . & the most important of the little fish , those with offices , would look to the ordering of the little fish . & they would become teachers , officers , box- building engineers , etc . In short , there could only be culture in the sea if the sharks were people. “